Duriel... Duriel... Duriel... Duriel... and more Duriel

it was the case in season 2, it’s the case in season 3… if it’s the case in season 4… I give up

like I actually feel depression logging in this game… how is it even possible for a supposed sentient business to craft a game like this? is this a joke or something? like even a 8 year old child can figure out better things to do in a game than this unbaptized dogcrap.

my brain is just shocked that this is even allowed to pass the quality test for consoles.

I don’t get it man, am I going insane? is there something wrong with me? are highschool diplomas rare now?


Doing the same thing over and over and over will make you insane for sure, you may be there already dude, no telling.

Good luck.


When I get to the end and all I have left to do is farm Duriel runs for uber uniques my options are make an alt character or stop playing. I usually opt to stop playing. I’m not wasting my time farming for something I don’t need, especially when I’ve completed all the content in the game up to that point without it.


Same. I tried some other games in my backlog. Not similar at all to Diablo but that’s ok too.

After I did the D4 big bosses this season so many times and never got the boots for my class, no Ubers from Duriel etc. I just figured it was time to try something else. I’ll play here and there, maybe if they make more updates. Definitely will try out the new seasons.

If there is a reasonable chance for me to get something new to do or use to update my characters I will, but spending hours getting nowhere just wore me out.


Time to dust off your s2 eternal character that already has all your ubers.

I understand you probably don’t want hear this but maybe you need to take a break from Diablo for bit.

honesty some ppl on these forums start to sound like gamblers on slot machines when they don’t get the features and it’s not paying out.

Kinda scary.


They need to make a special mat tab for just uniques, kinda like the uber one, and let us get rid off all the crap ones and use those mats for an uber, like 1k per uber. I have a whole inv full of uniques .

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They’re making items drop from one of the last bosses in the game. The problem is, if you can already farm the end bosses… WTF do i need this item for?

We should be farming items so we CAN beat Duriel and other bosses. The way it’s currently set up gives you no motivation to keep playing. Once i know i can beat him consistently, there’s no reason to keep doing it.


Have you tried running Duriel?

for me was like:
Duriel…Duriel…Duriel…Duriel… Last Epoch. not turn back is seems, LE is unexpected good!


Its ok if you can even get into the game. Servers are so bad.

It does have some nice systems but overall gameplay is clunky and dated. Its something to do inbetween D4 seasons but far from a replacement.


The main issue is there’s nothing beyond Duriel. You don’t actually need Ubers in this game. What’s lacking is content for beyond lvl 100.

So you’re right, in a way. Make a new toon, it’s fun to level.



they fixed today the majority of server problems, now online play is OK.
gameplay clunky and dated?! man, I played all aRPGs in last 30years, believe me, gameplay is really good.

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Sounds like my endgame in D2. “Baal…Baal…Baal…baal…and more Baal”

Welcome to an ARPG.

Naa mate, really naaaa.

Baal runs were horrible but it was 2004. It was great for it’s time.

We can argue that people still play D2R but they are just shifting their slotmachine addiction into an outdated ARPG and can’t get off it.

I understand this because I remember staying up all night for that 1/10000 dropchance to kick in finding a Ber or Jah or Griffon or something else in CS or at Pindle.

Trust me, they all need help and it’s the same people playing D2R from D2LoD back in 2007.

This shouldn’t be the standard for 2024. And if it iso, gg.

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I would argue you NEED ubers because Leaderboards are about to be a thing. Don’t even bother if you dont have your stones and ubers

You dont need optional uncommon items in nm70 level difficulty. It will be about mobility.

Uncommon uniques have never been build defining but nice to have with exception of GF for barb. Its more FOMO.

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You’re wrong. End of story.

Please tell me how people dont 1 shot everything in nm70 without ubers? Movement speed & mobility is going to be the most beneficial things.

Its not AoZ difficultly.

Yes if someone has horrible gear and does not understand damage buckets with or without uncommon uniques they will still be bad.


They need to come up with something to do for 100+ outside of AoZ and the incoming leaderboards. That content will be very boring for the majority of players.

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