Dungeons feel unrewarding

Running dungeons while lvling currently feels unrewarding… after I go through all of the objectives and finally kill the boss there’s no “congratulations, you completed a dungeon” moment.

Most games have either a chest or loot pinata to give the player a sense of reward for all the effort they put into the dungeon.

And lets face it…if dungeons are designed to take longer than 2 min the average player wont run them a lot after the first run to get the Legendary Aspect.


yup its all the same, go to the left side for this 1 item or kill this guy, and go to the right get this item or kill this person, open a door kill guys then fight a boss… No random anything, its all the same, overly long… seems fine at the start but you quickly pick up on the fact nothing changes, gets old really fast.


Honestly the repetition of the same dungeon mechanics isnt a big deal for me…running Nephalim Rifts for 2 hours straight you see the same map more than a couple times.

My major concern is the lack of loot/reward from any dungeon. Yes there are a couple of chests but in a loot hunting game I would have thought a chest with increased legendary drop chance or at least multiple items from the boss would be a foregone conclusion.

The loot pinata from the World Boss is kinda what I was expecting from the dungeons.


monster density and variety sucks too. the Rifts changed up a lot more at least… Dungeons change nothing and offer garbage rewards

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They were rewarding in the first beta weekend, which helped make up for the fact that they aren’t a great experience. People will happily run almost any content if it has decent rewards to look forward to.

Now, the dungeons aren’t rewarding at all, and in my opinion, this makes one of the game’s current biggest weaknesses that much more obvious.

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Noticed a huge difference from this past weekend until now. Hard to craft a build to have fun with when the good loot is few and far between. Are events spawning less too? Gambler seems to be toned down a lot as well.

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This is what people want! less legendaries, i wanna strugle :slight_smile:


Good point, maybe they should make a sort of SSF struggle mode for those who are interested. As for the core game, having to refarm the same items up to and post 100 to maintain a single build just seems daunting at these rates. Then again, post campaign there may be a lot more ways to farm for stuff so maybe this point is moot.

5 legendarys from a single dungeon keeper? On World Tier II?

Blessed mother, please noooooooo!!!

As it is at the moment, i think it’s okay. But if in doubt, I would be in favor of lowering the drop rate. We already had that it rains items in a Diablo game. But d iv is not d3 and should not be.

What u wanna do after completing the story and reached lvl25?
Go and farm better items.

But if you already own it, then you can’t do anything anymore. Besides being bored or playing another game…

No, imo higher rewards would not be an improvement

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Yep I noticed the loot has been nerfed since last weekend too, not a good choice imo made it very hard to gear up my necro and druid today. The dungeons are cool and I enjoy them, they will be better on launch when the maps are randomised but yeah the loot at the end is just sad. It leaves you feeling quite flat like why did I just do that dungeon when it only gave me 1 rare item??


I wasn’t expecting the rain of orange stars that the World Boss drops…no no no…

I meant the quantity of loot, or at least a chest with more than 1 or 2 items.

Spending 30 min in a dungeon to be rewarded with 1 rare item is very bad game design imo.

If players like item rarity go play WoW.


I agree… the dungeons need to be improved before launch.

add the final fantasy 7 battle victory tune when dungeon completes.

*acoustic guitar version of it to stay in the theme lol

No…just no.

Diablo needs loot not a cheesy victory tune.

Dungeons aren’t Pindleskin runs. Boss isn’t a loot pinata.

Loot is sprinkled across the enemies, not held tightly by the big guns.

Dungeons themselves give a nice pacing of enemy groups for loot and exp. That’s in contrast to Open World with fewer groups while looking for Events to get Obols.

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Except last week everyone was complaining that it was too much loot. Now it’s not enough… this is why we can’t have nice things…


So far of the dozen or so dungeons I’ve done, the general experience is: Kill things for 30 minutes running around doing random objectives to fight a boss that drops 2 blues.

Yea, it sucks.

Boring, tedious, and very unrewarding.

I agree, dungeons are unrewarding.
Where they feel rewarding is to compensate a bad skill tree
Check out my final feedback if you like

This is the real pain point for me… especially in Hardcore. You clear a dungeon and what do you get? 2 or 3 crummy blues and maybe a yellow that’s 12 levels BELOW your character level. With monster scaling it becomes this crazy race “Oh no! I leveled and all my gear is STILL 10 or more levels below the content!” So you play for a few hours… make it to level 15 or 20 and then get wiped when the Butcher shows up and cleans your clock because he’s expecting you to be fully geared in level appropriate rares and legendaries and you’re still wearing out-dated blue trash because that’s all the game has dropped.