Druidic Spirit Offering - Unable to drop

My quest item stash area is 100% fuill of Druidic Spirit Offering. I am in the middle of the quest line “Druid: Spirits of the Lost Grove”. The task is… pickup the skull of the Spirit Lord.

I can’t drop any of the quest items so I can’t pickup the skull. How can I fix this so my character can progress to the next chapter of quest line.

Directions to reproduce: input 4000 Druidic Spirit Offerings in your quest inventory bag. Then progress through the quest line. You will get stuck.

Bumping this to note that we know there are a very small subset of players who have fallen into a state where they cannot start/finish certain quests. This is one of those instances.

The team has a fix coming but it will be in 1.1.3. I know that may sound a bit away but it should be in the coming few weeks.

Just wanted to note this to players who are experiencing this issue with some quests.