Dropped Loot selecting mechanic

Hello all, i figured i would write a mechanic for something that could be useful for controller players. I would love to hear what others think and if theres other ways to design a system for the game.

Mechanic Reference

What I would love to see come to consoles is adding functionality like how Last Epoch and Grim Dawn and even Wolcen handle picking up loot on the ground with a controller.

How it works

When ur character is standing on/in front of a group of loot drops and u see tons of UI item names on screen, u can use the D-Pad (or right thumbstick) up and down buttons to move up and down a list of loot items. U can only cycle when not currently in combat for a second or so or targeting an enemy i believe. When scrolling up and down with the D-Pad it wont use any skills or action assigned to that input until u either pick up or move away from the list of items. That makes it stop accidental skill use or an action.


I feel this will help players choose the items to pick up without having to pick annoying common loot just to pick a rare or better item. I would prefer that way of picking loot up instead of the way its being handled currently.


Im curious on others thoughts on this mechanic and if maybe theres another idea out there that could make picking loot easier besides a loot drop filter.


Good idea. How about just give us a loot filter like last epoch.


Yeah, this also lol nothing tops Last Epoch loot filter.

My thoughts is that the right stick has zero purpose, it would make sense to Use that to cycle through loot.

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Right, I still hope this gets added. A small but useful feature for the game.

It would be better using the right stick to cycle through stuff, dpad is all mapped, right stick don’t really do anything

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Yeah the right thumbstick would give it a purpose since its not being used at all. I do think this feature would be great in the game either way. so annoying picking blues, or useless items just to pick that one up that i wanted.

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