Do non-Duriel uniques ever drop at 925?

Can uniques like Raiment of the Infinite, Esu’s Heirloom, etc ever drop at 925? I’ve gotten many of each from the other bosses and they’re usually not even close to 925.

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I have a few.

Last season had a perfect occulas.
, which i thought didnt exist.

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Yes, i have a number of them.

Yes they can. I got a 925 Oculus drop from a World Boss event, a 925 Raiment from Vashan or the other one, sorry it was a while back, and other 925 uniques from Helltide and dungeon kills.

nothing dtop outside Duriel. they locked all the loot to buyableDiriel mats.

Once you start farming nightmare dungeons/vaults in the 70s, a LOT of 925 gear drops. So you can certainly luck out this way, potentially.

I’m sorry but I’ve been getting 925 uniques for quite a while but Duriel does seem to drop the best jewelry, at least for me that’s how rng has been working

Don’t get too fixated on 925 as a number… outside Ubers, rng is rng giving each stat has a range. A 875 item could have better stats then a 925; they even have the same ranges.

925 is most important for weapons and their ‘weapon damage’ stat. Outside that and if someone is really pushing armor on armor (base armor) 925s are nice to have and see, but they may not always be the best.

*side rant I know…


Yeah the whole 925 thing is kinda whacko , just because its 925 does not mean its usable.

I mean you could get a 850 rolled unique that is hand’s above a 925 one that didn’t roll the max aspect on it. It can be frustrating.

Yes, usually in high lvl nmds most drops including uniques are 925.

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I agree with those saying not to get too caught up with i925 for pieces like armor. I recently posted a vid showcasing the meme of meme homegrown builds using a hodgepodge of all-Uniques (sans Ubers) speed-rolling nmd100 on Eternal. My most prized possession?..i795 Temerity.
I have tinfoil hat theories that the game will drop unique upgrades if you are wearing them while challenging yourself through the highest nmd/nmv you are capable of. Reached 100? Now go faster so you are ready for ladder…at least you will git gud and geared along the way.
So glad they updated the loot tables for dungeons, just had an i925 Occy drop for me in nmd100 the other night.

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They all do. Just farm T90+ and when they drop they are 925 100% of the time.

Also resistances on jewelery – marginally.

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Blizz prefers to drop them at 924 just to keep you grinding for last item level.

This. Was hunting a replacement for a Dolmen Stone that was a 870. Got a 925 replacement to drop from Durial, but every single stat line was inferior even after leveling all the way up (other than all resistance).

It’s important to check every line item to make sure what you’re getting is actually better.

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Completely agree with this. One of my sorceresses is still using a 845 amulet for boss fights that is just too good to let go of.


Everything drops at 925 in high lvl Nightmare dungeons and Vaults. You might not get 1 unique per run but every few one shows up. Could be anything too. It’s kinda fun. You get basically 5 runs of duriel drops per NM sigil too. Much more loot in general. 925 stuff.

It’s not even ultra high nightmare dungeons either. Did some low 70s and over half the drops were 925.


yeah, the only low rewards are in the reward window and chest at the end LOL. Dunno why they are lower points than the stuff that falls on the ground, but it’s only a couple items out of like 30.

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I know right? The final chests seem to have the same loot table as Elite packs. I sort of understand that logic though, otherwise there would be Duriel tunnel-vision on skipping content to reach Boss fights, then meta perpetuates squishy glass-cannon builds. I genuinely find most enjoyment in the game by running full dungeon clears with Trade channel randos; regardless of whether they are 70 or 100, new or seasoned; the pace can be controlled so that everyone leaves with something. Teamwork to keep the entire party rezzed at all times. Doing calculated full-room pulls to create long fights where you are constantly dodging 1-hits, tanking where you can…is all intensely fun. With enough momentum, things become a trance seeing all the pretty colors and sweet graphics; eventually you lose focus on the screen, or risk seizure. Throw in cursed shrine & well events…well…things may start to get sweaty. :sweat_smile: