Diablo IV pvp is horrible mess like the worst PVP of any game I've ever played in my life

No… Deal with it or git gud.

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All they have to do to allow those who want to farm in the PvP zones it to truly implement a opt-in feature.
Say you want to just go around killing mobs in the PvP zone ( I like doing this too ), as long as you carry below a certain amount of seeds you cannot engage or be engaged by players. If you try to extract seeds, it marks you for PvP no matter the amount you are extracting.
It’s the easiest fix to most people’s woes about the PvP zone. Then they don’t have to implement any sort of level brackets as you should know what you are getting into, the chaotic and unbalanced PvP.

I too, like the PvP zones because of the mob density. If I want to PvP I will mark myself, otherwise I just want to kill the oh-so-many elite packs there.

They explained they are not going to be chasing balance for pvp already many times. So group up or deal with someone going to kill you already. If you cant understand that OP. dont pvp.

most broken aspect of the game shouldn’t award anything relevant. just gonna piss people off.

Or learn the trick to make your instance of the PvP zones lack other players. It is far more enjoyable that way for those of us who want to be left alone without having some level 100 griefer getting their jollies.

Did you not play PVP in Diablo II? Well this is a sequel to that. And in that game you could go hostile in any game you wanted and go kill anybody while they’re trying to level. And it was just as imbalanced as this.

I personally don’t subscribe to that gameplay but a lot of people do. People get a kick out of using OP builds and lording over others. At least in Diablo 4, you only optionally put yourself into that situation. You can just stay out of the area.

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Fotm is marginal in WoW.
Non-existent in immortal.

Again, looking at class balance not bank account balance.

I’m not sure where you’re going with this.

Half-baked balance is still half-baked.

You have half-baked balance in Diablo 4, that’s all you’re going to get, even if they rework it.

With what I proposed, they do not get any rewards for PVP.
Seeds = PVP rewards. No seeds, no rewards. So maybe you misunderstood or I didn’t convey my original idea in great detail. If someone is not picking up seeds due to not wanting to PVP then they are free seeds for PVPers to pick up and extract for PVP rewards. If then no one is actually PVPing in the PVP zone… well that seems to point to an issue with their PVP design that the clearly stated they will not be focusing on.

If they didn’t nerf elite mob density so much in dungeons, then there wouldn’t be a draw to want to PVE in the PVP zone.
The mob density is there because they decided to not implement a true PVP experience for this game since they already decided they did not want to have to balance everything for PVP. The compromise is then a PVP/PVE zone.
Without a true PVP experience means they can skimp out on a matchmaker or bracket system. The PVP/PVE decision is clearly the fastest and easiest to implement for them considering they are going to ignore further development in that area. It’s a one and done zone and system for them.

I’m with you on this. It’s ‘fun’ to farm mobs and whispers…but the fact there’s a cosmetic store based on red dust means people want to be able to convert resources…and the open-ended aspect of this ruins it for anyone under level 99.
As has been mentioned…I wouldn’t think it’d be that hard to create instances based on level with some reasonable variation so top level players aren’t just ganking lower level players to take a huge reward and leave anyone else attempting it hung out to dry

I have a suggestion but sweaty players might hate me for it.
Boost everyone’s stats to 100 in PVP zones, just like Guildwars 2.

lol your kind are getting more and more boring. they warned you about pvp, and yet you didnt care, at least attempt when you are at max level and have decent gears with pvp specific build to even try , yet you wander around with pvp on , get mad when someone kills you lmao, people are so entitled nowadays

I think it should be matching people with players around each others level. WTF is this mode? Lol.

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Can confirm the pvp in this game is powerfully bad…

Super disappointing too…as I wasn’t really expecting much.

And since people have asked, D2 (pre LoD giving every moron teleport via enigma) pvp was pretty solid, and lost ark pvp was honestly excellent (hell their whole combat system was miles better than D4’s, and if that game wasn’t a p2w crapfest that required you to spend big or slave away on alts all day upgrades on your main, it’d probably be a pretty large success in the west right now.

The real disappointment isn’t even the massive outliers like HotA barb (which could be fixed by pvp specific tuning), or relatively broken classes like necro (no defensives, cc breaks, or mobility on arguably the squishiest class in the game)… it’s that MECHANICALLY the pvp sucks. Melee just chain spam unstoppable the entire fight and pve, and all the nuance of positioning and skill is largely absent… D2 PvP had things like guided arrow, bone spirit, or frozen orb teleport traps for ranged classes to work with… There’s just none of that here. Sorcs can’t CC anyone but necro (and have so much cc that if melee chain spamming unstoppable ever gets gutted, they’ll be immortal to melees), all necro can do is literally stand there spamming bone spear a few times until it dies or it claps someone.

It just sucks… All of it sucks, and it’s kind of blizzard’s MO now… They’ve realized that they as a company are either too stupid or lazy to balance pvp in WoW, and they went into d4 without even attempting to try and balance it there. Everything they promote now is some soft carebear nonsense like wow classic HC challenge realms (which btw are going to bomb)… I’m not yet full doomer on D4, nor would I say that PvP would ever be popular enough to carry the franchise with it, but players need SOMETHING to keep them logging in every day, and I see no reason to think that grinding the same NM dungeon for the 1059150985098th time is really gonna scratch that itch for people long term. You’re going to (and hell already seeing) pretty cataclysmic player retention dropoffs in d4 already, and I’m skeptical there’s anything resembling enough new content per season to get more than a fraction of the playerbase back involved for it, for more than a few weeks. The game simply needs more to do, and PVP COULD have been one of the bigger activities/focal points.

It doesn’t take 18 hours a day of gaming to reach level 100 anymore. The pvp zone isn’t meant to be balanced. If you wanna smash people and farm seeds, go put in the effort and level to max level. Until then stay out. It’s not rocket science. Why would you wanna pvp before max level?

This is the reason why I never step into pvp area during Philippines waking hours with I’m with my low-level alt.

I actually killed a lot of people higher leveled than me at 85 lol.

I dont really care if its balanced or not. But the stupidest thing must be thorns. My DH is 100 now, and it’s the tankiest dh you’ll ever see. But there’s zero counter to thorns. The thorn barbs I met are like flies cos they dont do damage. And they run around me taunting me to hit them lmfao.

Very annoying.

Otherwise, pvp is pretty fun. There was this one player keep getting killed by me and didn’t give up. Around the 4th time, he brought 3 friends against me hahahaha.

Unfortunately the PvP in this game is unsalvagable.

It would require a complete overhaul of two major things.
-All classes would need to be overhauled to actually be designed well.
-Itemization would need to be improved tremendously, and would need more of it.
Then after they did that, they’d have to copy Diablo Immortals Battleground with a different skin
I dont think the D4 team is capable of doing any of those things

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