Diablo 4 patch 1.1.1 - Increased monster density Nightmare Dungeons is insane with so many mobs now, Rogue Penetrating Shot with new unique Bow Eaglehorn

Diablo 4 patch 1.1.1 - Increased monster density Nightmare Dungeons is insane with so many mobs now, Rogue Penetrating Shot with new unique Bow Eaglehorn

By the way, Caged Heart of Trickery Shadow Decoy Trap that Taunts enemies not working properly after patch 1.1.1, the mobs are not attacking the Shadow Decoy anymore, they just ignore it and attack me, Tested it on a few dungeons.


I still havent found any bows this season and im level 89 lol…

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They have a hotfix for this today.


Really? I hope they fixed it soon, because that malignant heart is useful for me in my penetrating shot build. I need to lure all the mobs to a location to burst them down in one shot.

Thanks for the information about that hotfix Blizzard will it soon.

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To be honest this still isn’t very dense compared to most ARPGs.
Also, don’t applaud them for “adding” density when they were the ones that nerfed it into the ground a month ago in the first place.


I got 2 of this Eaglehorn Bow Drops at level 82, one of it was a bad drop with low stats, another drop was much better with higher stats affix.

I think once you got this new unique Eaglehorn bow drop, you could try using penetrating shot build, it was fun switching build sometimes.

I had like 10 unique bows in my stash. Just sold several. I have an entire stash tab full of unique I’m not using. It’s a shame.

As for the video, penetrating shot looks so boring. TB much more fun.

found the same taunt bug yesterday, hopefully they fix it soon

Blizzard already fixed it, the monsters are attacking the shadow decoy taunt again.

Wow, some really close calls there…

Yes, because the shadow decoy taunt is not working due to a bug, so all of the monsters are chasing and hitting me. I usually use the shadow decoy to taunt them to a location for them to group up, and then I burst them down.

Combined with the ultimate shadow trap pulling the monsters + the poison trap knocking down them. I have 3 crowd control ability, and I found it very fun to play with my own Penetrating Shot since I got the new unique Bow Eaglehorn drop. And I am glad Blizzard fixed the Shadow decoy taunt fast enough with the latest hotfix.

Got two unique bow in one hour after patch.

Two unique bow Eaglehorn drop in one hour?

I think the applauding is for listening to the players. Isn’t that what we want?

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Current mob density is fine, I just wish it was applied to dungeons in general and not just Nightmare ones.

Any higher and it will be too much, especially for Sorc, possibly Summoner Necro. Stop trying to turn Diablo into PoE. If you want whole screens full of mobs then just go play PoE, it’s OK for each game to be different

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You are right, Diablo 4 and POE is different game, it would not be good for Diablo 4 to follow POE in creating a dungeon when the screens show full of mobs.

Sure but there is a difference between “Thank you for listening.” and cheering them like they did some amazing thing when it was something we basically begged to have fixed because they ruined it.

Blizzard need to revert the monster level in the open world, the 5 level scaling is an awful changes,

I just usually walk past those monsters in the open world now as it doesn’t make any sense to waste my time hitting them as it basically does not generate any experience with the 5 level scaling.

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