D4 wish list / no hate just writing letter to santa

when playing betas and following up with d4 i was hoping that it will be like d2 but it turned out to be just another d3 but prettier :frowning:

Lock equipped items,paragon trees and skills tree after entering to the dungeon like it was in d3 GR

Balance the game maths soo no class can do more then 1m dmg , soo we can actually enjoy the game for long not finishing the game in a couple days

“Live game” why lunar awakening was so short ? you should do more events like this or extend them

**if you can’t/ don’t want to fix the maths issue , at least make world bosses with at least 15barriers on the top of their life so no class can one shoot it and that 15min timer would actualy have some sense in wt4


Well, from what I’ve read, it’s not just a prettier Diablo 3, because Diablo 3 had more quality of life than this sandbox sales platform. It appears we are going backwards in a manor where Diablo 4 will become the most casual arpg. You log in to purchase cosmetics, then log out for the season. There’s a lot of work to get Diablo 4 up to Diablo 3 standards, and I won’t buy 5 expansions hoping ot will get there haha


Nothing to see here folks just another d4 sucks thread move along

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maybe u got any wishlist to say maybe they listen one day u never know bud

You’re not really providing much of a wishlist. Mostly you make claims based on your opinions. Writing “if you can’t/ don’t want to fix the maths issue” isn’t a request, it’s an insult.

You should write things clearly and with explanations and examples. I know people say things like ‘tldr’ and ‘I’m not gonna read that’ but the messages that get forward up the chain aren’t riddled with insults. A common mistake is writing a post for the audience of players instead of developers. Sure you will get more likes from others when you key in on what they approve of but they aren’t the ones making the game. You should write essays instead of a series of tweets.


i stated my opinion i dont want to show evidence its full of it on youtube lol , how it can be an insult they had like 10 years to make something properly did they not ?

by stating wish list i was hoping that more ppl will say something that they wish to see instead of just spitting at the post :melting_face:

Again… just another d4 sucks thread move along

Is that like retreating from a haunted house?

Damn almost forgot my review

3/10 troll thread I liked the title it got me to click so 2 points for that, but you lost points on your lack of commitment in your original post.

Better luck next time

I agree, i too ask santa at blizzard to rework the D3 out and build the diablo up.

Even simple changes would allow this and still have a little d3 in there for the kids.

Belts for potions(Elixirs) basic attacks, freedom of the skill tree, can polish all these and unlock it for a more diablo game. Playing a no AP run shows you it’s there, a few simple changes would make it a more polished way to play and add to the base game at the same time.
I would say unlock gear but that is too heavily tied into mechanics.

Other changes just add and tweak the option to play like its D1/D2 so i don’t see why this couldn’t be considered.

So you’re a whiny baby loser. Got it.