D4 keeps crashing, unable to login starting 2-1-24

Bliz what is going on with D4? the last 2-3 days logins have been completely unstable. please address character login and crashing issues.

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They already know about it. Did you even bother to check.

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Follow the epic drama here:


There has been no update for almost 2 days now, that is not okay. I shouldn’t have to spend my time on workarounds that may or may not work, to try and get a game they made to work properly. They broke it, not me. This is unacceptable!

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I have not had any issues I feel for people that always seem to have problems.

Join a group or in a town and the game disconnect.

Blizzard should be informing all about known bugs AFTER a patch, no one should have to look to see if Bliz knows about it already. That is why I created this post and why this Forum is here; all known bugs are reported even if already was reported. If you looked you would see many had the same bugs days before Biz even said anything. How about Bliz test a patch thoroughly before release… this is called quality assurance. You think??

Go to your file directory and delete the file ‘dstorage.dll’ in your D4 game files. That will solve a lot of the login and crashing issues.