D4 Beta Feedback - Forced MMO-Lite Multiplayer sucks

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The forced MMO-Lite Multiplayer experience in the D4 Beta destroys the solo Diablo experience that I had enjoyed in previous games. I hope that players get an option for exclusive single-player when the game is released. I will definitely pass on getting a license for D4 if players must continue as it is. Offline single-player would be better, but I won’t hold my breath.



and the lag and BS it causes. IT doesnt even work properly. A friend and I grouped up for a stronghold, and while running there an event started… We,. WHILE GROUPED, were put in 2 different layers!!! W T F…


Unfortunately there is almost 0 chance they add a single player mode. The entire reason they turned the game into a garbage mmo is so that they can sell microtransactions. And people have a higher chance of buying microtransactions if other players can see them. I just can’t see them changing it, the bottom line is making money, not making a good game.


Yep. I won’t be holding my breath. Not too disappointed because my expectations were so low. I’ll be waiting for a sale and possibly 1st dlc to buy this as it won’t be worth asking price at release.


I’ve barely even seen anyone on my road to level 20. dumb feature, complete waste and not going to get what they expect

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I agree. No solo play option is a huge killer for me, but I know they don’t care if online is what makes them more money.


honestly I didnt mind it cuz sometimes I’d come to an event that almost finished and I just got the chest. But ye its quite annoying sometimes when u wanna experience it solo and u get owned by max lvl just annihilating everything

Personally I would love to see a remastered version of the original Diablo. No classes, no free teleport/identify(unless you have the spellbooks), just OG diablo with more content and better graphics.


There is an easy solution. Sell “solo mode” as a 5$ store item. Does it sound absolutely terrible? Yes. Are hordes of people going to buy it because it is that much wanted by people? Yes…


So, to be most helpful to the D4 team, I will elaborate by explaining that I would prefer an option to just disable the MMO-lite experience. That does not mean that I don’t want to completely remove MP, as I would still like to play MP with friends on crossplay platforms as well as the one I use. I just don’t want to be forced to play with a lot of random people. Cheers


I wish I could have played Diablo 4 correctly these 2 weekends, alone and defeating Mobs and Boss, Solo!
I love most of the new features and aspects of D4, but sharing the map with multiple other players who aren’t part of your party team, just doesn’t work.

This needs to be reviewed, if you don’t want to leave the mold of other great open world games, at least leave an option for the player to choose if he wants an adventure with random players, ks in quest mobs and all other mobs, or if prefers a solo adventure.

Playing with a group of friends is fantastic and I’ve always played like this since D2, now being subjected to KS on quest mobs by random players sucks.


I don’t like the shared world but I also have decent cable internet but the shared world runs awful. Prologue is smooth but the shared world is laggy and no fun to play. Canceled my preorder.


Interestingly, I have a friend who plays on PS5, and he says that he doesn’t experience the same lag that I do using Battle net on PC when we party together.

Not sure if the will read this as feedback, but I also really didn’t like this feature.

While I didn’t frequently run into people (other than the fading in and out like some have mentioned here) I DID have one very bad experience to my gameplay. I left a town to do a quest (not a red circle event thing) and I got to the first location and another player was there and just finishing the part, which I also got credit for. I was confused as this was the first time I had seen a player actively playing where I was. They headed off before I did and I was going to wait a bit, when the last part of quest completed, went over to find the quest boss dead and lootable.

I like the OPTION to play with others, but I like the challenge of trying a lot of the harder things alone as well (first red circle event I had no aoe and couldn’t save the poor caravan guy RIP).

I do not like having to worry about other players killing the monster I need or my quests auto-completing without doing anything because someone else just did it nearby. If I am in a mood to play with others in this way, I play an MMO (for me, that happens to be ESO, and it has that same issue with quest bosses lol).

I would hope to see this as optional at launch.


Isn’t there an option in the SOCIAL settings at the bottom that turns off the ability for you and others to see each other. I didn’t test it out, but from it’s description it sounds like exactly what a lot of these anti-social players want. Go try it and let me know how it works.

I think in 2023 a good Arpg should have MMO features. Simply the MMO aspect is bad implemented, should be an improved, but it’s actually an impediment. The open world aspect is poorly done and pointless as it is, i enjoyed more Solo dungeons, or duo with a friend. ( They added it for selling purposes, only to say it’s an mmo, but it’s not, result is kind of a no sense mess )

Horrible feature that cripples the game for anyone who doesn’t have good internet. I’ve played countless hours of Hardcore D3 because when things got laggy, I can pause the game. What do I do now? Get bent?

What are we getting in return for the inconvenience? I get to look at people standing in town? A higher level player gets to trivialize an event I’m doing out in the world?

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I Total AGREE … I’m a Solo player and not happy about having everyone using the same storage container for one thing.
Also, they interfere with the quest that you are trying to Do. Had it happened way too many times while playing for the last 21 hours in 2 days.
AT Least give us an Option. Like D3 has.
Thank you and hope you see this.


were you dropped on your head as a kid?

I don’t know which option you are thinking of, but there is nothing there that strikes me as doing that. Thanks for the thought though. :slight_smile: