Constant Fenris Crashes as of today

i havent had any technical problems with this game since today.
As of 20.06.23 i cannot play fifteen minutes straight without getting at least one critical error. The game does not lag, it runs perfectly fine, until it just throws me on the desktop with a criterror.

My PC Specs are:
Gtx 4080
32Gig Ram
Win 10
edit: all drivers are up to date ofc

is anyone else experiencing the same problem as of today?
Was there any kind of hotfix tonight?


for me the same… game have been running fine until today.
Already had 4 - 5 fenris crashes in a row…

this is a technical issue and definitely not on the consumer-side.

I have the same problem for weeks, fenris error constantly, I think I won’t play anymore, I don’t want to put my pc in danger.

The latest hotfixes (#10 and #11) were on June 15th according to the forum post they post them in.

what are your pc specs?

Same here mate, been playing fine until today and then BOOOOOM every 2-5 mins i get the Fenris error. I reported today (10 hours ago) but no answer or reply from Tech Support.

wouldn’t hold your breath in a reply

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