Completed battle pass, s3 feedback

Finally finished the battle pass. Feeling more burnt out than anything by the end. In no particular order:

  • I bought the premium battle pass early and immediately regretted it. Never doing that again. Been driven by a mild completion fomo to not miss out what i paid for, and it was unpleasant at best.
  • I know it wasn’t targeted at me, but i couldn’t relate to the secondary lore subplot used for the season. Unfortunately when its so niche, it can alienate everyone else who its not targeted at. I know im absolutely nothing relative to the billions blizzard makes from d4, but i literally did not buy the book of lorath because of this… i’ve already spent $600 on the game and if i end up walking away, spending any more would be dumb wouldn’t it.
  • I finally rolled a male character… and some of the launch feedback immediately makes sense, the strong feminine aspect of lilith and the petals imagery is quite a large contrast to where your own character slots in. Its invisible if you roll female characters, but for male characters, the contrast is too great that it immediately feels out of place, or it something you have to write off as it continues.
  • As i was learning a new class, i felt like saying “i know why the game is doomed”. The common sense builds are boring af. If you connect the dots with obvious matches / synergies down the tree, the resulting set of skills is usually very boring.
  • The season mechanic robot was invisible. Didn’t even know it was there.
  • Vaults were fun after the balance pass (including the trap avoidance mechanic).
  • Mid season event was draining. Nothing positive came out of that. It was so poor it was throw away content… really, a few hours? The burden of another grind over another grind over another grind was all it achieved.
  • The cosmetics were great, but the awoken versions were just that low effort to be noticable. Receiving the horse at the end was satisfying though.

Anyways, im out until next season. Burnout d4, burn out seasons, burn out battle pass. That was only mid fun, but if the cosmetics are good i’ll be back to try one last time not buying the battle pass until its complete. Otherwise, maybe the expansion.

Good luck!

ps. See what wow does is the lore (at least when i played) was there to pull you back after these experiences.


Premium Battlepass is essentially “free cosmetics + little bit of Plat, just enough to buy 1 more cheapest cosmetic”…for $10…TEN DOLLARS…meanwhile most cosmetics in the Shop are $25. It’s not a bad deal if you like what you see. If you don’t, don’t buy it.

I used mine this season because I liked the selection. Next season? Dunno, if they got transmogs with fire/ice/etc effects…maybe.

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So long as people keep funding the game by buying battlepass and cosmetics theres no reason to put too much work into the game.

I dont see new skills, loot, builds, end game for all the money thats been spent thus far on battlepass…just more cosmetics to buy.

We did get a little spider pet and a repetitive vault with some traps tho.

Without the battlepass they would need to make the game the best game it could possibly be to get the maximum sales. But they dont need to do that with the battlepass income.

But! But! It’s for the seasons content. Diablo 2 and 3 both have seasons without battlepass.

Wait until it hits PC Game Pass and their main source of income for D4 will be the cash shop.

It’s a business after all.


To a point. If the game grows boring and stale then battlepass and cosmetic sales will dry up. Nah, they need to keep people playing and loving it (thus spend $$) and that will only happen if they add more content, such as more end game activities.

The game only has about one weeks’ worth of content. OK, so you buy a battle pass for $10, get $7 back as you complete it, and Blizzard makes $3, and we get some nice cheap cosmetics out of it. Ok Fine.

But if the game has content to keep us engaged for the full three months! and keep you going back day after day then people would buy more expensive cosmetics to doll up their toons and Blizzard profit way more.

So, yeah, they can’t get lazy on actual content, and I think they are aware. They are just slow at getting things done.

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Wow, pulling out the big guns… the day after i quit is the season skimpy wave. Would have bought the sorc outfit and the horse. 4300 plat. thats… $75AUD…

See, to me games are a fantasy, and sadly i don’t want to fantasize about real world social inclusiveness when I play games.