Combustion fix?

  • Fixed an issue where the increased damage from the Sorcerer’s “Combustion” ability was not applying correctly.

But I still show “Not Yet Learned” when I put a point into it. Is this actually fixed or did we get bamboozled?

Presumably it’s a buff; the ability wasnt working at all. The hotfix just may not have rolled to your server yet. However, I’m very disappointed in Diablo 4 (where’s the fun?) and them failing to fix it would not surprise me. Fiery Surge still doesn’t work either.

Still shows as unlearned here as well. I would assume that means it is not being calculated into my damage.

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what patch notes are those in? my game is still on version, which was on June 10th. I don’t see anything about fixing Combustion in the patch notes before that either. Is the patch you’re pulling those notes from live yet?

Edit- From what I can tell it is not fixed. Not easy to test as anything that lives long enough is also going to kill you very quickly if you’re trying to pay attention to DoT damage ticks. Laying down Hydra Dot, Firebolt dot, Firebolt Enchant Dot, Firewall, Incinerate and I’m not seeing any noticeable boost in ticks.\

Anyone confirm?

I just tried it, and the line fills connecting to the entry for it, but when you mouse over it, it says not learned yet. I am in full frost mode so don’t want to reset and test it, but it at least still has a visual glitch with it saying “not learned yet”

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The Legendary Node, Burning Instinct is still broken.

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Imagine the level of disconnect going on internally to release patch notes saying you did the work to fix a bug but then the patch doesn’t actually fix the bug.

Was the fix incomplete? It was programmed incorrectly? The person who went in to fix the bug didn’t actually do the work they said they did? Not a single test was done to see if the fix actually fixed anything at all or it would never have been included in the notes.



What do you mean? It works for me and shows 282% as my current bonus. 588 intel and 152.3% critical damage increase (ignoring the base 50%).

Seems to be calculated as intended.

Is anybody else’s working yet or just the one or two players? Mine still doesnt work so idfk anymore lol


Take off all your gear. Remove points from Fire Walls passives and Endless Pyre. Grab a white Staff or Wand (not dagger) and some armor that would provide zero bonuses to your skills/fire damage and try it in WT1. Fire Wall + Fire Wall with and without combustion.

Combustion is in the same “damage bucket” as pretty much all other burn damage boosters. 2% per, or 4% after 3, isn’t much of a boost unless you are really cranking out the burns.

I noticed new highs with it working. Hydra burn, Fire Bolt, a few Fire Walls, Incinerate, Fire Shield (it’s a burn too) and Inferno.

It’s in the same damage bucket as the other multiplicative damage increase though, I think.

It takes a while to crank up, but so far, I have 4 uniques way to apply Burning, 1 of them being situational (edit : correction, I have 5 ways including Inferno. Thanks!)

All and all, that would mean that on average against an elite or boss, I would get a 12-20% multiplicative damage increase, depending on whether I used my Fire shield and Inferno or not.

You basically cannot feel it unless you used 3 different skills and even there, it might be placebo. I feel like I was able to get to higher NM tiers yesterday, but I’m not high level enough for it to be a reference as last I did was a NM35 at lvl 79 or something. Longer than a typical dungeon for sure, but not by much. Could push higher as it was kind of easy-ish with the right affixes, but I didn’t even try.

However, it’s a far cry than what other builds are doing, but meh. I think burning/fire builds need more love. Sorcerer as a whole need more love.

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I push around x100% with that particular bucket. Any bonus from combustion is hidden by Endless Pyre, Aspect of Inner Calm, and Incinerate rampup.

That’s why I suggested testing it basically naked with certain passives removed.

Honestly, I think other builds need to be brought down to the Burn level. Deleting entire screens of targets while you dodge one-shots is rather boring gameplay. I don’t think it should be Vanilla D3 Inferno, but your strategy should change based on the enemies you find in the open world.

Yeah, probably. Thing is, if the goal is to reach Uber Lilith, every main non cooldown skill (mastery/core skills, for example) should be able to be used in a build and with proper gear, get you there safely.

The problem is that there are godly skills with incredible aspects, damage multiplier and class synergies, and others that are not only subpar, but unusable past WT4.

It’s as if they only did test a handful of builds, and at different difficulty scales (e.g. one tester assumed that the endgoal was to roll over Uber bosses, another one assumed that it was to reach lvl 100 safely: another one thought that is was to reach NM50 dungeons and call it a day), then sat around and told each other that their build did indeed achieve their goal.

I suspect their early phase testing was just “Can it do 1-50 and the campaign limited to WT1 and WT2?” - which you don’t really need to spend skill points on or have a well-thought-out build to do. If we had auto attacks to actually smack things with our wand instead of whatever basic attacks, you could probably beat the campaign.

Beyond that I don’t think they actually did a whole lot beyond “Well does the tree of whispers work, do the nightmare sigils work, does the timer based helltide & world boss work properly?” - and let whatever happen to class balance at/above 50/70 just kind of happen. If it worked prior to 50/70, surely it works after 50/70, right? right?

edit: for clarification on that, I mean look at some of the Paragon boards, and where the magic/rare nodes are in relation to the glyph slot. With some of the “good” glyphs boosting specific element damage, but the glyph slot that would have that element damage is too far from the glyph that it’s functionally busted. No one seems to have even tested that, or given any feedback on it, and it embarrassingly made it to the live launch.

It’s more likely that the goals changed over time. Sorc was likely one of the first designed classes. It has no Overpower potential and very little Vulnerability, which are new to the series.

No matter how many testers they have, it’s going to be chaos during development. Anything they add or remove will send ripples through every potential build. What was fine during a previous test would be completely broken for the next one.

Launch has millions of testers at all levels of skill. Easier to notice flaws when everyone and their mom is playing everything, everywhere, and at all times.

I expect the next patch to fix bugs, Season 1 to bring a small amount of balance to the game, but Season 2 will likely be where the majority of balance occurs, based on Dev statements.

Oh yeah, lightning and cold buffing glyphs should never had made it past the drawing board. How they made to launch it in that state shows how little they cared about the endgame close beta testers thought. Or maybe none of the testers really tested that, and were trying to find OP builds and synergies to keep to themselves come launch.

Considering that I found/experienced a tremendeous amount of bugs and glitches in my very typical playthrough, it baffles me how a lot of these bugs weren’t found during the later testing phases.

Slight bugs, I can live with. Broken skills and lack of builds to tackle endgame with when they touted the “play your own way” thingy as a selling point is laughable.

Anyway, combustion seems to be fixed at least, even if it still shows as “Not learned yet”.

wow i was lvling only using fire till 88 and did not know about this bug…
not to mention that legendary node that increase burning damage based on critical damage which is kinda pointless since burning build doesnt use crit damage

Mine definitely isn’t working , 726 int and still reading at 66 percent bonus, even completely ignoring the crit damage portion I should be higher. Much higher

What’s your critical damage bonus from your gear?

The int % bonus is multiplicative to the 40%, not added to it, and that’s where the confusion stems. If you only have a base 150% critical damage (i.e. no item or paragon bonus), this node will see 0% increase, and this is working as intended. It’s just poorly worded too when it comes to the impact of Int in the calculation.

People seem to think that if they have 600 int, they should get +150% damage bonus from this, but that’s obviously not the case. If you have 1000 intel and 0 bonus critical damage from gear or paragon, your bonus will still be 0. You benefit greatly from stacking both.

In my case, this node shows 312% now. 664 Intel and 152.3% critical strike bonus from gear (ignoring the base 50%, as always).

First, take the 40% base “increase” from the node, then add 5% for each 20 Int you have. In my case, this should be 165% from Int. 40+165 = This turns out to be a 205% multiplier. This is important to keep in mind that this multiplier means nothing by itself and is only valid if you have bonus critical damage.

I have 152.3% critical damage from gear and paragon. Multiply it by 2.05 (205%, which is the multiplier we got earlier according to my Int) and you end up with… 312%. Exactly what my node shows.