Change Uber Unique crafting to Imprinting

Rather than requiring 5 resplendent sparks, which would only possibly be used by such a small part of the playerbase, we should be able to transmute Uber Uniques in a 1:1 ratio. In order to prevent players from constantly transmuting, add a tag to the transmuted Ubers similar to imprinting with the enchanter so that you can only transmute each Uber drop one time.

This will benefit the vast majority of players who will be lucky to grind the mats to get 1 Uber from Duriel. The barrier of entry for this bad drop protection system would be much more acceptable and nothing would be given away for free. It also ensures that getting an Uber unique drop will ALWAYS feel good.

TLDR: Uber Uniques should cost ONE resplendent spark and the transmuted weapon should be unsalvageable.

lol. “I should be able to pick any item I want just because one of its kind dropped”. How about no, that’s not how these games work. Or any game for that matter. You can only transmute one affix on a rare item and you expect to choose uber’s as you please?

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What does rerolling rares and enchants have to do with the system they’re implementing in the new patch? We get inundated with rares…

These games? seasonal ARPGS? There’s no other game that has Uber Uniques as far as I am aware off, especially not ‘unobtanium items’ that become worthless with each new season as intended. The Uber Unique crafting system is completely new, this game is new, and everything added to this game since it’s launch has been uncharted terrority (sometimes good, sometimes bad). So your point that no game lets you permanently exchange 1 unobtanium item for 1 unobtanium item ONCE is lazy. What other game is planning for the first time to let you exchange 5 unobtanium item for 1 unobtanium item?

I believe you should be limited to doing this 1 or 2 times per character. Starting tomorrow It will be “I should be able to pick any item I want just because 5 of its kind dropped” which isn’t in any way more well thought out.

I was comparing the two to show how outlandish this idea is. You can’t even reroll all of the affixes on a simple rare item, yet you expect to choose any uber unique you want just because one dropped? Because that’s what happens when you transmute uniques – the entire item changes. You can’t even do this on rare enchants! This isn’t pick and choose.

And that’s what I meant by these games. I wasn’t referring to uber uniques in other games – I was talking about the fact that you can’t choose which items you want just because one drops that you don’t like. That’s not how these games work. And that’s not how this system works. Read the patch notes, it says it right there:

A new system empowers players to make use of duplicate and undesired Uber Unique items by salvaging them for a new resource which can be used to eventually craft an Uber Unique of their choosing.

Notice the word eventually. So if you’ve been farming for a while and get a bunch of duplicates or uber uniques that you have no use for (ie, outside your class specialization), you can trade them for a uber unique of your choice. Not when 1 drops that you don’t like and can trade for another one that you want. And before this, you could do nothing but salvage or sell them. Now everyone feels entitled to trade as they want when this feature didn’t even exist before. It’s a bonus, not a punishment. People are acting like it’s a punishment because they feel entitled.

You aren’t supposed to choose which uber uniques you want. Do you realize how silly that sounds? The top tier most rare items and you expect to choose? And uber uniques are supposed to be rare.

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Rare enough for you to have 5 to salvage? To ~90%+ of the playerbase that sounds ridiculous.

That’s literally what the system tomorrow Is allowing for you to do. The only difference between what they’ve already green lit and what I’m suggesting is the several hundreds if not a couple thousand duriel runs in between the patch being a relevant to even a statistically significant amount of players. Are you of the opinion that 5:1 is the perfect ratio? Why not 4/6/2/or even 10 because empowering players to eventually craft the Uber Unique of their choosing at all is silly by your standards already. Unless the boost to Ubers outside of duriel is more impactful then they’re letting on, this will only harm the game as is.

Who has 5 extra uber uniques within 3 months that they obtained without directly or indirectly using exploits? If you obtained them from Duriel rotations the chances are almost certain that you’ve indirectly used duplicated mats just by the nature of what it means to collect 50 of your own runs through whispers/helltide.

90% of the playerbase isn’t supposed to have uber uniques. That’s why they’re called uber uniques. That’s why they’re extremely rare. It’s literally how they designed them and what they’ve told us. And there’s a huge difference between 1 for 1 and 5 for 1. Not even comparable. 1 for 1 let’s you pick and choose any time a uber unique drops.

I had a decent amount of uber uniques last season. Not sure exactly how many because I sold almost everything that I didn’t use. But I did get the Shako, Doombringer (2), Andariel’s Cap and Star of Skies (2). I didn’t spend a crazy amount of time on Duriel compared to other people and never used an exploit. But I did farm a bit during that holiday drop bonus.

And this system isn’t just for seasonal players. Eternal players can stretch it out as long as they want.

Which as you said, won’t happen for 90% of players. Do you believe it should be at least 2 then? I said you should only be able to do it once, which means you cant use a transmuted uber to get another one. Don’t see what the problem is. You still have to get the uber to drop, which will be rare for most players.

I got quite a few during the holiday drop bonus as well (3 or 4). That doesn’t give a cognizant perspective on who would have 5 extra (so more like 6+) this season. I also doubt you farmed all of those solo, meaning you have no idea how many duriel kills you got from exploits. In your situation last season, It would make sense to you to need to salvage all of your uber uniques besides shako to get a Grandfather?