Casual player / old guy perspective

Been playing PC games since the mid 80’s. Always loved Diablo titles, being 60 ish now, I’m over the grinding for stuff. Stopped playing D3 right when the first season was announced, grinding, too much, for too little. Came back to it this last year, ok was fun again for a bit, was basically a new game.

Enter D4. I like it, love how it plays and feels, and it looks fantastic, but many times it’s too dark (lighting) for my old guy eyes. seriously, I don’t have a dedicated cave to play in, my new monitor (AW2723DF) has a much higher reflection of room lighting. in game gamma adjustments not enough, to offset it. External settings can only do so much.

Played season 2, took a barb to 100, had fun, made it to a level 50 ish dungeon. Enter the grinding. random replacement stats, not a fan. too expensive. Now when I log in to play, it’s not actually fun, the time spent is all about grinding. so, if I ever get something decent, I can upgrade it. I get some grinding, but I know I’ll never own an uber unique.

I see all the rants on uber stuff, looks to me like they appeased the 1%, the streamers. The rest of us, never going to see it. I play 2 -3 hours a night, mostly trying to get forgotten souls. the fun part is sucked right out.

LE comes out, I will probably try it. doubt I’ll like how it looks or plays over this, but with the skill tree having real depth, and a stash system that doesn’t involve cutting off a limb to make room for something, yeah, the D4 grind will be over for a while at least.

Events help keep it a little fun, but all in all, the grind depletes what little fun is left after the campaign. Devs, try and remember we play for fun, not grinding like it’s a job.


Put a Daylight temperature bulb or led strip behind your monitor it helps a lot for those old eyes or any eyes struggling with vision. And highly recommend a pair of blue light blocking glasses.


Grinding is main purpose of any aRPG, we can debate how meangfull or fun is in D4… but if you don´t like grinding, try a different genre.

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I absolutely agree grinding is a big part of the game. It’s also a fun part of the game, for a while, its useful, meaningful, and fun, to a point.

Then it crosses over into, meaningless, painful, way too much of it for little to nothing. Looking at all the other topics, posts, it’s basically the same thing as walking into a wall 100 times and hoping it doesn’t hurt at least once. come on, doesn’t pass the goofy test.


Grinding was never the problem.

The problem is grinding in D4 has no fun at all. The endgame of D4 is all about getting 1 or 2 relevant uber unique drops from 1 single boss. NM100, Vault 100 and echo of lilith is trivial.

If the current state of D4 made me want to play D3 last season, there’s a huge problem.

This is why for a lot of us Last Epoch was a breath of fresh air. POE is mid-late season now and D4 cannot deliver.

Blizzard putting a 65 dollars horse in the store during the S3 controversy tells you everything you need to know about where their focus is.


I got feelings you have problem with grind itself…

I won´t argue about how boring and meaningless is grind here. Thats true.

Ye - current grinding is just bad. Part of it is lack of item filter to lower the number of items that have to be checked. I was playing Grim Dawn last night and it’s not like these filters are complicated to make or understand.

Sadly the arrogance and EGO of the D4 Devs is still damaging the title 7 months into release. It will probably only get worse in the coming months. We see another crap itemization system that the devs think is great and will defend until majority of the player base has left.

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As much broken as Diablo 4 is, I still find D4 in its current state better than diablo 3 after all these years of patches and fixes ever was, D3 was just an insult to the franchise.

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Exactly this, then it will be the 100th time of “We’re sorry, we’re listening” from the devs as per usual. Blizzard then will be like “He ya’ll we fixed the game in 10 years Please! come back!” Meanwhile the majority player base that left D4 is on Last Epoch or POE2 or god know some other game, LOL. I know I moved over to Last Epoch and I’ve had MUCH more fun then bashing my head against duriel in “hopes” of getting a UU and NOT a trash one either…

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Good post, agree with most.

Dropchances are currently too low.
I play solo and it takes me about two hours before I can do 2 duriels.
With current droprates it just feels like a waste of time.
Malphas is overtuned. I play hardcore with my own build.
I got a load of damage reduction, armour, hp and resistances.
But i’m burning through my potions cause I can’t kill him fast enough.
There’s too much risk of getting killed with Malphas.
Its also a lot of work doing solo. So again not worth the trouble.

I’m a bit suprised there isn’t more outrage about the supposed increase in drop chance of ubers in the open world.
Reading other posts its already becoming quite clear it was a pointless update, let alone hyping it as an improvement.

Agree with the streamer part. Tired of hearing certain names.
Listening to those streamers only alienates from the rest of the community.

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Better yet D3 was the beginning of the end of the Franchise. We got D3, DI, and D4. Financially speaking those are all successful games, but they arent good games and they surely arent a continuation of the franchise


We dont need increased drop rate, this isnt D3 where everyone gets a participation trophy


If burning through pots - set Senechal Construct up with these 2 Governing Stones: Protect and Reconstruct.
I was very under-geared and leveled when fighting Malphas the first couple of times(just after they bumped him to lvl 100, hadn’t done it prior and didn’t get the memo…).
I think I used 1 Potion the whole fight out of necessity.
Otherwise the healing and shield are solid(so long as one doesn’t make repeated errors with the boss mechanics, then it’s a player issue).
edit: I joked with some friends about it - “yea the little guy carried me through the fights”

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There use to be a system that helped players get what they wanted if they had bad luck. In the past, we could trade for these items. Rather than solving the RMT issue, BoA was adopted. Ever since then, this ARPG franchise has slowly turned into an arcade style hack and slash with all the grind of a ARPG.

The grind is too much because we have to repeat it every 3 months in the seasonal model and the cost of entry is too high. I am ok with needing mats to enter, but the cost needs to be 1 to 1.

It’s 4 different mats to summon Varshan and you have to do it twice to equal one Duriel summon. Thats 8 mats total and then there are the 10 mats needed for the other half of the varshan summons bringing your total to 18 mats for a single run. Drop the redundant mats for Varshan and make it malignant hearts only.

The other bosses also require an excessive amount of mats that drop from only a few specific sources so you are forced to cycle through all of the types of content several times collecting only a small portion of the materials you need to have a chance at getting the piece of equipment you desire and hope that it comes out with a half decent roll. Otherwise it’s back to the hamster wheel to grind it out again and again.

1 to 1 material requirements would make this feel like less of a chore.

That’s because the content/combat is too easy, nothing for your character to work towards. These ubers are nothing but trophies with no purpose towards overcoming any content.

There’s grinding, then there’s this. Grinding with a side of RNG is a bit too much, specially taking into consideration everything in the game right now. When you grind with a purpose, because you know you will get there, that’s a different thing. D4 as it is now, it’s just ludacris - and I say this while enjoying the game and the seasons so far, being S3 the ona I like the least.

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The problem, imo, is that people can only aspire to get 2-3 Ubers at end game.

That is all there is to grind for. 2-3 items with insanely low drop rates. The same items since last season. Very lackluster.
Ok, they added two construct stones too…

This is why I want runewords brought back, at least there is a multitude of items to grind for and it will bring back crafting. Bring back the Horadric Cube or something similar.
Give us the possibility of obtaining an Anni or Torch type item.

I would like to see mercenaries too, but I guess the construct is our merc now. Honestly when playing the only time I see the damn thing is while in town. What is it doing in the meantime? Yeah, I got it set up stone wise, but it’s invisible during gameplay.

“the fun part is sucked right out”

I agree 1000%

Going into 1 dungeon 10,000 times for a 0.000000000000000001% chance of getting a decent uber unique is mind numbingly stupid and BORING… These devs are NOT listening, they’re just doubling down on their idiotic grinding for materials BS. It’s ridiculous.

What we need to do is actually go on STRIKE… Pick a day and absolutely NO ONE PLAYS AT ALL… maybe even a couple of days in a ROW… make them feel and SEE IT.


They seem to be going at this like it’s an MMO and im going to keep my character for years.
Newsflash … Diablo characters (seasonal) are disposable 3 month throwaways that eventually make their way to the character graveyard aka Eternal realm.