[ BUG] Blood lance lags servers for all nearby players!

everything is here Server Nuking Blood Lance Build Guide | Necromancer 90+ Nightmare Dungeons | Diablo 4 - YouTube

In the open world every players in the same zone are freezing and lagging too !!

You can experience mild stutters, freezing, disembodied camera, all the way to blue screen.

The major cause seem to be the ASPECT OF HUNGRY BLOOD + enhanced blood lance + good attack speed + good essence for spamming blood lance = cascade of damage = freeze for all the players nearby.

especially monster with a lot of life are breakings the server

Yep… I am trying to tier push as a Blood Lance build, found this out the hard way in a Tier 82… Disembodied camera and then crash! So the build is unplayable?


Yeah saddly, the saddest thing is it gets worse with HL monsters that have a lot of life points or resistance (since there is a resistance calculation, so that the numbers that appear are not too large).

At lvl 97 the server are crashing in the open world, and same thing is happening for the other players nearby ! They were scared that their pc was dead

So now my build has missing paragon points (2 vanished for good) and breaks the server…

What a choice I have made:

Of course Bone Spear works perfectly fine… since that’s the only thing Blizzard wants necromancers to use.

Might as well just spawn at level 1 with just bone spear on the skill bar and call it a day.

It’s like they tested bone spear out, was like ok, necromancers works, time to move on.

If you like Blood necro, Blood surge necro could be really good too. There is some build with or without minions on youtube.

I really like the one with minions by “Last Rights”

I am running some blood surge to farm at the moment.

However it is not a tier running build sadly.
The the above is nice guide for new players who are trying to level outside of the meta. But literally will not do anything in Tier pushing scenarios. The guy isn’t even level 100 yet :slight_smile:

Thank you !! It’s not the best since, for now, it’s a nerf. But I appreciate all your work and that you have taken quick action. I can’t wait to see what the real hotfix will be, I hope to be able to use this build for the season. THANKS.

PS: please don’t mind all the whining, they couldn’t even bring out the true potential of this build. You’re doing a good job.

Yeah! Its true, but better f*** It and not 1 botón and kill all.