Bring Back The Ethereal Mechanic!

Ethereal was a good thing for D2. Items got insanely better, but can’t get repaired. That would teach the softcore enthusiast how to play trying not to die, to not lose the item (from durability loss on death), once they feel the power of an ethereal item… :slight_smile: Pretty sure hardcore folks like me would also appreciate the extra punch on some ethereal item. If we die, we lose it, anyway… 25% boost on item for being ethereal, please! Of course at the cost of -50% durability + cannot be repaired… :slight_smile:
I think it is a great idea! Please comment, folks! Thanks!


I also think, that loot shape and size needs to come back, everything looks and feels the same, i know Tetris loot is not always fun, but make the bags bigger, give us two bags idc, but every item being the same size feels crap. With Quality over Quantity i think maybe it could be done.
Yes just use D2’s loot and add LE crafting if you want. Bring back requirements and attribute spenders, done with with attributes on gear nonsense.

I said this also in a different post so I will repeat it here too cause it fits as a good answer. I played both D2 and D3 for years long and now D4 S0,1,3 (skipped the S2 due to health reasons) and personally I do not wish to see or feel like I play D2 or D3, even if we are talking about the successful parts of those games. I want new things, originality. I know it’s a challenge, but in the end that is what makes a game great and remarkable compared to the others.


I mean , i agree, that would be my preference. I guess atm it looks like they are reverting and or taking from last epoch, so i guess i feel D2 is more interesting to take from than 3, i get 3 has a following and such and that is fine, i had some fun with it, but it wasn’t deep enough to keep me playing. So i would try out some sets and that was it, i didn’t enjoy building in that game at all. In D4 i actually enjoy it, i have tools to make my character play and feel how i want, a barb feels like a barb and not a wizard with swords.

Ultimately though i was embracing the different, and i think they could polish it more before gutting it down. Which is my only complaint with the rework, its trying to revert loot and make it simple like D3, and i dont like that approach at all. Having attributes again, having them have choice and synergy with boards was all good stuff, I think they have overdone the response here, people wanted less wordy loot, so shorthand it thats fine. ppl wanted less sifting, so make the quality of drops better. reduce item power 800s being the same as 925s for affix’s this could have been a visual filter of sorts if it didn’t cause overlap on affix rolls. You could just flag off items that are sub 925 at 100.

So yeah i think it should dial it back a bit. Improvements over nerfing and gutting first, if then it still doesn’t work get rid of it, but nothing is perfect in a arpg. The systems just need to be functional for the player. When i never surpass gear, well that was the issue and 925’s with constant bad affix’s and rolls was another issue.

Lets hope be S4 they have had more time to think on it.

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Isn’t that what ancestral items already are?

Nah. Console players like me would definitely hate that. LOL

So do I, but that does not mean that good things from the other Diablo games have no room in D4.

I second.