Boss Ladder Easy Improvement -> Huge Impact

As it is now we collect some mats like 5 living steel for Grig run the boss and collect a shard. At higher levels the boss becomes easy, it’s an almost tedious exercise as the challenge is gone.

I’m proposing a change that allows players to commit more materials per run which appropriately scales the difficulty of the boss and increases the return of higher mats and odds of higher level gear.

For example, you have 100 living steel and decide to run Grig. You get to the summoning point and are presented with a slider. At the bottom of the slider is the minimum amount to summon the boss. The player can move the slider and commit more resources which impacts the difficulty and rewards for running the boss.

With varshan the slider would scale the mount of each summoning material. In the case of ice beast it’d scale the tier of the dungeon. For Duriel it could improve the drop rate of Uber’s.

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