Blizzard? any comment on the wonderful release no one can play?

now i understand all those bitter folks.

yes i know it’s “in development”.

but a message saying something would be a much better costumer service. even if you don’t respond to all the troll’s threats afterwards.

take accountability.
pretty shameful

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Which release are you talking about? D4 is releasing in 2 months. It’s a closed beta and its obviously for testing purpose.
But you already said it, “troll threats” :smiley:

first of all, yes. that’s true. but don’t you think a message would be nice?
i didn’t even play the game yet.
still waiting on queue, not just me. probably alot more.

if you really think that on release you can play the game upon release, you are mistaken.
they have proven that they suck at release everytime.
they can’t handle too many requests. or they are too cheap to get enough servers/bandwidth to handle this.


Que fror 2 hours play for 30 min network error que for 127 min rinse repeat


Ahh yes, how silly of us…we are clearly beta testing the server capacity (even though they knew how many people would be on this weekend)

We aren’t here to beta test the game, just the servers

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It’s literally a beta test. What do you mean?

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Beta, Beta. Why write anything. It will get fixed just in time for beta to close. You wanna know who takes priority. Those that can properly market the game through their streaming services. I am really looking forward to this game. But why did I even bother paying out the nose for early access. Should have known this was going to happen. Seeing as nothing changed the launch of Diablo 3. But I digress. It is only Beta After All.


I disconnect as soon as I load into the world today.

yes, I think it should be obvious that upon release they could have put that message on battle net client?
but i guess that is so hard technically.

I don’t mind bugs, stress tests etc. i do mind lack of care for the people who actually put their trust and bought the game.

they did post it, a day after the launch. one day too late on my book.

am i wrong?