Blizz your crazy!

So gold can not be traded, what else a Rare item? Then no trading at all. make everything account bound then. Fixed!

D2 has trading still, Poe does as well, I am sure POE 2 will as well. What I see is if you want to trade. Do not do it in D4, no AH for them to have a say in it.

Lol #1 he got unbanned.

#2 the occulitist is over priced

#3 your a sheep

Watching the state of this game disintegrate in real time has been a blast, it has been one epic blunder after another since launch. this is just icing on the cake. It doesn’t matter if they monitor it or not, they put their brand on it.

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Good thing about poe from the little i played, Is that there are useful materials that can be traded which creates a functional economy.

What is poe’s HR equivalent?

I just wanna repeat.

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LOL. You have have to be joking me. Gold dupe in D3 in the RMAH. Can you not learn from other games?

Just a heads up that they are aware that people are caught up in this without being part of the actual cheating. OP was apparently unbanned. Blizzard has now stopped all trade in D4 until the exploit is fixed. Exploiters will be banned - those who engaged in a trade innocently won’t. I would not get shocked if the gold that was duped or items were removed from the game as well. Hopefully.


Can I get my shako back and wait for 8 billion gold? We are still in a beta test game.,

It should be removed but I don’t care if they don’t . Sometimes you just gotta give people some slack because they suck at a lot of things. Probably it’s too hard for them to farm gold and make their own. Maybe they are tired of dying too much and just wanna get carried .

Lol you have zero idea what you are talking about

You serious? Even if you play this game like a maniac who never leaves the basement you can’t make more than like 1 billion in a month through regular play. How could he have possibly made x8 that to just spend on a single trade when the game hasn’t even been out long enough for that much to be possible to accumulate? Of course it wasn’t legitimate and he knew it too.

is 200m - 400m trade considered legit vs 8b? there are so many trades out there

what on earth does a d4 clan do?

You can pretty much call this Season a bust, there’s a reason Leaderboards aren’t here. Blizzard needed time and observations to see what loopholes were exploitable.

Leave the season and gold as it is, ban the exploiters. BUT, maybe hard cap the gold that can transfer to Eternal at the end of the season.

Honestly not that big of a deal now that the golds sifted into the economy.

Lol I have zero idea indeed in this. I don’t trade. I farm my own gear. I literally have zero as in nada.

Thanks for the lol


Are some of you offended because Blizzard allowed this or it took long for them to make an action or because some of you are guilty?

What else?

Doesnt exist, nice troll post.

The discord was endorsed and partnered with, by Blizzard - they put their brand on it, and informed people about it to facilitate trade. How can you be so damn dishonest dude. This more than enough to be held liable in a court of law, or does the whole Hulk Hogan V Gawker media not ring a bell.

I made 800mil+ in a few weeks, and I barely tried. This was pre-exploit for economy. Trading good rares away is very lucrative. You can say people were paying me with RMT gold, but that would mean most of the people bidding were RMT’ing because offers were consistently in the range I sold them for, multiple bidders.

How should I have vetted them? What makes it right to suspect them when I had more gold than they were bidding but I’d earned it selling?

8bil is a lot. It’s 35x what I have remaining. But I could sell a few items and hit gold cap in an evening and bid whatever I want. If the people who bought from me if I did that also sold items, as did the people a layer down, how far down that rabbit hole do we need to go to decide it’s ok or wrong? And why only large amounts? If I sell an item for 300mil gold but it came from the same source as 8bil, am I somehow now absolved?

The options are: Trade and accept you can’t know where the gold came from. Or, don’t trade. Anything else is splitting hairs.