Big maps and no monsters

Is this a joke?This at the moment is pure walking simulator with occasional button pushing towards some enemies.


No. Are you a joke?

We will have mounts a bit later ( not in Beta ), but if they need to increase the mobs in open world, they will do so with no problem. Same with D3!

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I think you’re exaggerating.

Did you play New world? thats an walking simulator… d4 is paradice compered to that

i have been complaining about monster density forever…

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That’s cause I killed all your monsters.

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I would argue the big maps. D3 has zones that are bigger than the certain areas of the fractured peaks. D3 is certainly more populated. And you dont need a horse to go mob to mob.

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agree. dungeons are ok, but open world maps are empty of mobs.

Go play D3 until level 25 on Normal. Got it? What you have here is NOT THE END GAME. Do you UNDERSTAND the difference between 1-25 level noob experience and level 100 end game?

They went for the atmospheric and cinematic approach, you know…millenial things.

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even dungeons are empty…cant wait to see their “endgame” stuff…


I don’t care if we have 10 mounts and a car. Doesn’t change the fact that the world has barely any mobs and feels empty. The game is suppose to have mobs to kill, not walk around for 10 min to find 1 pack of 3 mobs.

I really hope later world is more packed.


This is basically the end game. Add a few nightmare zones and the tree of whispers. Some dungeon mods.

I like a bit of sparcity, makes the world feel more grim.

Hell no, that makes it more actiony and warlike. Grim is more of a mood.

Could not agree more.

No, because friendly isnt grim. Variety is good, having there constantly be swarmed of enemies everywhere makes it very old and arcadey

I disagree. There are plenty of enemies and encounters. Public events and random mobs.

If there were more you wouldn’t get anywhere. You would just fight in the same damn spot.

I like when its silence path to or running on the road! its not need to be monster everywhere, its so annoying!! sometimes nice to hear the wind run through the barren mountain environments, open some chests, etc.

I agree, whilst some spaces were well populated, some were barren and almost empty, particularly the north east frigid part of the beta (not talking about the world boss area) where there was almost nothing monster wise and I could walk around without seeing one for quite a while.
Here is perhaps where the transition from stock ARPG to open world mmo/hybrid arpg is going to confuse the genre, and many players along with it.