Barbarian Supremacy can be fixed in one way :

Just… Delete Overpower?


PS : and make critical strike / critical damage better for everyone?

No, organizational fix, lead on barb team should go and do balance changes to other classes using Barb as baseline to bring the other classes up to on paragon and skill tree.


That’s how the game released. Overpower didn’t really matter and every class and every build stacked critical and vulnerable damage.


A lot of questions come to mind here.

You say just delete overpower. But there are so many glyphs, paragon nods, legendary aspects and gear that have overpower in them. What do you do with all that stuff? Just shift it to crit damage? But wouldn’t that just leave us in the same position? I have 2100% overpower and a ton of multipliers for overpower if it just shift to crit damage I’d have basically the same massive numbers but in a different color.

And who says barbs have supremacy over any other class? I melt the current content with my druid just as easily as with my barb.

There is no direct competition between classes so how do you even measure that anyway?


Just delete glyph and nodes and change them? So hard to do this?

Replace them by => Vulnerable / Critical strike / Critical strike damage / Critical strike when injured / Damage type the affix you want

There is no competition between class, who talk about competition?

You talking about Gauntlet? Who give a **** about a feature not already here and who will be dominated by snapshot and exploit by every class with Uber? And don’t tell me is false, it’s a fact, Zir 25 was not WF by someone who use “normal way” :wink:

Supremacy is not about gauntlet you know? it’s about the incredible easy way to delete something like WB with a strike over a billion damage du to Overpower. Something you’re druid LIGHTNING STORM, i suppose, Meta, can’t do.

This is what we talking about.

But anyway, this will never happen like you said, because everything will shift to critical damage. Less damage i think.

Every class can equip BLT. Every class can stack overpower affix. Every class can have Fortify. I don’t see where the issue is.

Does it really matter if 1 barbarian can one shot the WB in less than a second when a couple of Necro can do the same in 1.5 seconds?

WB is a loot piñata at WT4 and they nerfed the loot this season to compensate.


I wasn’t talking about the gauntlet. If your measure of which class is better is purely on how big the numbers on the screen are then you’ve been misguided.

No my lightning druid doesn’t hit for 100,000,000 in one hit. But it can do 100,000,000 damage in about 5 seconds or less. And I’m not even following a meta build it’s just something I built myself without the aid of a guide. If I did follow a guide it would be even crazier damage on the druid.

Hitting for a billion is not needed. Most elites in a t100 vault have less than 2m health so they just fall down dead in one tap of lightning storm.

There is no class equality.

Barb supremacy. Laughable.

Not everyone or everything is created equal.

Forced equity never ends well.

You don’t like your class because it isnt “overpowered” like barb, then roll a barb or another class.

Some people like barb bonking big numbers and how easy it is. Some people don’t. But we should not just try to make every class equal because someone doesnt.

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So delete Overpower and we go to what… vulnerable… Delete that and we shift to critical damage… Remove that and we go to … Attack speed… You didn’t think this through m…


Been saying something like that since start of the season (i rolled barb…) - but not delete : move away from guarantee overpower.
Between items (banished), paragon nodes + paragon glyphs, skills, aspects…there are literally 5-6 ways to guarantee OP, which is insane. Put these on a scaling (like crit%) and most problems are solved

Maybe, just mabe, lower barb overpower bonuses ? Mine with no ubers (not even perfect gear/aspects) can crit bosses up to 75m+. It’s just too much…

overpower doesnt affect double swing build, just saying…

You’ve obviously never of the wuxi finger hold…skadoosh

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The correct answer is to go back to nerfing barb “as it always has been”

You treat it like sorc paragon board. The text says one thing and the outcome is completely different regardless of the tool tip. :rofl:

@dunkHuntPro, they did think this through. That’s why basics were supreme in the infamous dev video. Not you just have to make sure the basics aren’t bugged…which I’m not 100% has been quality checked.

Don’t remove overpower. Just nerf interactions that are too powerful.
Goes for everything really.

While some barb builds might need a bigger nerf than most, all classes need nerfs.
Build balance is the issue and the goal, not class balance.

Let me balance the game:

  • Remove all guarantee overpower proc from aspects/skills;
  • Remove the banished lord’s amulet from the game.


i remember a time when barb was most nerfed into the ground class, it was called pre-season and season 1.

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OverPower the way it is now is one piece of the problem. The bigger issue is there is no cap to multipliers on gear and barb has more gear than anyone else.

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