Banned recently?

Banning people for being in town while party members are continuing to grind would be crazy. Sometimes people go to sort out their inventory or need to go afk for a reason.


maybe summin din look right and they got the sherf on the phone

the sherf and the preacher


Bliz would not ban someone for going to town, salvaging stuff, and jumping back to the action.

Someone who gets in trouble would have excessively used an exploit for large gains. Standing in town for hours and avoiding the AFK DC, just to let others farm XP for them. That would be an example, not saying the OP did that.


You would never be banned in single player game.
Once you start playing multiplayer suddenly you’re suppose to know what you can & can’t do in game.
If the game gives you option to repeat dungeon 100 times a day every player will tell you it’s alright to use it.
But once a streamer reach lvl 100 doing that and everybody else is jealous then it’s an exploit.


Something here smells fishy.

Either the OP is lying


Warden detected a 3rd party program and actioned the account

Big, big names have gotten booped by false positive Warden bans (a LTT employee ran into this and had to use his clout to get a proper investigation going).

What I’d like to see is a GM get in touch with the OP and do an actual investigation, no low level employee who’s using a scripted response to blanket deny which is where a lot of the appeal problems come into play (nasty person just thumbing people instead of doing their job adequately).

Should be easy to identify if this was a false positive or not. The OP just needs an employee to care and do some due diligence.

That is not really an exploit now is it, but rather a poor game design or flawed programming that was either ignored, overlooked, or nobody cared about. In D2 if I remember correctly you had to be within a certain range or on the same screen as someone killing to get XP. So it begs the question, why not the same here? If someone can actually get XP from being in town, that is on Blizzard not the player.

Not saying some should do this, nor do I even think it should be existing in the first place. Rather I think the devs have some work to do in fixing their mess because this should simply never have existed in the first place.


The email tells you why you are banned, me thinks you not saying that means you know why you are banned and just trying to see if there is anything else you can do.

maybe its that popular script app that lets you use the poe logout macro. if theres a lot of them it might be poe players using that program. i always thought it was shady anyways :wink:

You should know by now, Us peasents get treated like just that.

The definition of an exploit is taking advantage of something that exists, even if that code is an oversight.

That is why I tried to explain that there is a difference - and Blizzard tends to action people who egregiously use the exploit, when they do action.

Just because you CAN do something, does not mean you SHOULD do something. If it is too good to be true, don’t do it.


i feel that but then… ppl got 100 doing questionable stuff and streaming it no prob :wink:

seems like it’s a bit of a gamble.


Or, they could do their jobs better? You know fix the actual problem? Hard concept to grasp I know. Funny how the player should be held accountable but not the dev?

I see why you have green now.


I am just explaining how it works. No, you can’t exploit something even if it is the Dev who screwed up. There are possible consequences. For all we know the Devs also have consequences, but that would not be public.

This is like people who assume if a door is left unlocked they can just take everything inside. No, that is not ok, even if the home owner left it unlocked.

If you need to make assumptions and try to insult me to defend exploiting feel free though. It won’t make it any less of a cheat to take advantage of a game flaw for major advantage.

They don’t ban someone who used a flaw a few times, or was playing normally. They only target people who egregiously exploited in a very intentional way.


For OP’s sake, I hope not because that would 100% be considered cheating by Blizzard. You can’t use 3rd party programs with Diablo 4. be it macro scripts, ReShade or whatever. If it’s a program that alters Diablo 4’s native behavior it’s a huge, huge nono.


I am not defending it. I don’t think it should be in game at all. So carry on making assumptions about people who think this is a DEV/BLIZZ issue. Something that should have NEVER been, is because someone failed or did not do their job.

Now some innocent people ARE getting banned and have to wait up to a week to get accounts back and you sit here saying, welp they shouldnt exploit.

Or… OR… Maybe the devs/blizz through all the betas/in house testing and the early access could have realized this and fixed it?

But yep, your right how dare players use something in game that had plenty of time to be caught and wasnt. Its always the players fault. Patheitc.

Now carry on making assumptions about anyone who disagrees with you, it makes you look like the bot you are.

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They don’t ban people for minor use of an exploit or accidental use. They only target people who excessively used it for significant gain. That is not “innocent” use.

I get it, you don’t want to be told that so you are lashing out and trying to insult me. It won’t make you feel better.

It is not ok to steal things if a door is left unlocked. It is not ok to massively exploit a game flaw for gain either. These are simply truths.


As someone who has handled support ticket queues, I guarantee there are a good amount of innocents cases that never get their accounts back. Ticket system are ALWAYS about volume and the agents are… encouraged, to clear as many as possible as fast as possible. If your entire account that could have WoW and OW progress dating back years can be lost and you are in the hands of an overworked support specialist that is being rushed to close your ticket ASAP, well that just not great.

But at the end of the day I doubt blizzard really cares so it is what it is.

That is a MASSIVE and complete disingenuous false equivalency.


So they never make mistakes is what you are saying? Cause you said a few post back they can and do. So what one is it?

Why have they not banned the streamers who did it, live on twitch?

Yes they do mess up, yes people who did nothing will be banned. And no the big name streamers who did this won’t. Defend it/them however much you want it don’t change the fact that some people are going to get banned who did nothing wrong.

Done talking to a blizz wall.

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They ban the individual game license, not the whole account. Except in very extreme cases that warrant the whole Bnet account being closed. That is SUPER rare and usually crosses into legal territory.


Thats fair. Though with the HEAVY monetization of D4 that issue will now also apply here though and just the older games.