Banned recently?

So they never make mistakes is what you are saying? Cause you said a few post back they can and do. So what one is it?

Why have they not banned the streamers who did it, live on twitch?

Yes they do mess up, yes people who did nothing will be banned. And no the big name streamers who did this won’t. Defend it/them however much you want it don’t change the fact that some people are going to get banned who did nothing wrong.

Done talking to a blizz wall.

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They ban the individual game license, not the whole account. Except in very extreme cases that warrant the whole Bnet account being closed. That is SUPER rare and usually crosses into legal territory.


Thats fair. Though with the HEAVY monetization of D4 that issue will now also apply here though and just the older games.

Yes they do make mistakes. I already said that and continue to say it.

Exploiting is taking massive advantage of a game programming mistake for significant gains. Not accidentally using something. There is no such thing as “innocently” exploiting. Blizz does not ban the little guy who used something once or twice, realized it was likely a flaw, and stopped.

Yes, they should be penalized too!

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Just curious what is defined as excessively, and what they consider a significant gain. If i did run one specific dungeon 100s of times in a day like the youtubers and streamers have been showing the community to do shouldnt i be much higher than lvl 71? I also have all my renown done, completion of which does give a considerable amount of levels. Shouldnt my gear be much better than it is. I can barely survive torment content if i take it at a slow pace. Where is the significant gain. If you track my account im sure you will see i leveled relatively slowly compared to other players. What excessively and significant gain criteria was used to flag my account for a ban? Also an announcement to the community should be made via message upon login and via twitter stating that rerunning the same dungeon 100s of times as shown on youtube/streams is considered an exploit and will lead to ban. Proper notice should be given


i signed in on a different ip before cuz i was outta town for 2 days does that count as a ban cuz u said sharing accounts is a ban. I did not share no accts but i did log in with a different ip.

Blizzard considers the EULA and a bit of common sense a warning. If something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

I would have no idea. That is handled on an exploit by exploit basis. They review the exploit, see how many people did it, see what impact it had on the game, determine what threshold they feel is intentional abuse vs someone just stumbling into it.

They have the game logs that track what we do so that is what would be used to hand out any penalties.

This is all just speculation though as I have not seen an announcement anywhere confirming Blizzard has handed out bans for that yet.

The generic messages in the ban email are pretty broad and can be a lot of other things too.

No. They track a variety of information when determining account sharing abuse. It is more than just a different IP. You are free to take your laptop and travel where you want. I will say that having an Authenticator on the account can reduce any chances of a security lockout though. There are some automated safeguards that lock an account pending user changing the password if it thinks someone is trying to steal it.

Now, someone logging out at home, having someone log in 5 mins later across the globe on a different computer, complete X challenging content, log back out… then the user changes their password from the home IP again and goes on playing. See that sort of thing is going to be all red flags.

Which is a waste of time. They won’t even touch the ticket until the suspension is done. At the risk of getting in trouble, here was my experience with just the forum last week…

1.5 day forced vacation for a post talking about awards shows. Offense: Inappropriate. I wasn’t rude, I didn’t use foul language, I wasn’t not insulting, and I didn’t use any language that you wouldn’t be able to use in church. I’m very careful with how I word anything online, because I know how sensitive companies are to anything that doesn’t conform to a certain mindset.
I made a ticket (which doesn’t even have a proper category for this sort of thing) and no response on it up to two hours before the vacation was over, because that was the last time I looked at my ticket.

Making an appeal ticket doesn’t do anything. And more than likely OP did nothing wrong. Even if he made a ticket five minutes after it happened, I don’t believe it will be looked at before the vacation is over. This isn’t the Blizz from pre-2008.

I just hope this post doesn’t result in getting in trouble. Not being allowed to express concerns with examples doesn’t really foster a good, communicative environment. It does create an atmosphere of fear, tho.


I think we need to get about 30 more posts in this topic arguing pedantic semantics with people who literally cannot change anything about the situation.

Cuz that way we’ll hit a magic internal threshold where the people in charge of appeals will be forced by company policy to reinstate the account in full.


Thats exactly what an exploit is. It’s doing something over and over when you know it is not the intent of the game. Exploiting a flaw or bug in the game.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a bug with poor coding, an overlook in the design, or whatever. If you are doing something that is fairly obviously not an intended game function, then it is an exploit.

What is not fair about something like that is if every day joe game player gets banned for it but all the streamers do not. Either ban everyone regardless of status or ban no one. IDC either way but it should be the same for every single player. I don’t care if it’s just some casual guy playing 1 hour a week or some streamer with 100k followers. Treat equal.


The Forum Moderation team is not the team reviewing game suspensions or bans. Game appeals are in the same bucket as other game appeals. Right now that is around 5-6 days.

Interesting that OP got kicked for right around the time it takes for a ticket to be handled. No such thing as coincidence.
This reinforces my point that it’s a waste of time to make an appeal ticket.


You are saying blizz uses common sense as a warning, but are also unsure if blizz is banning people for rerunning the same dungeon 100 times a day. Okay well then back to using an exploit excessively and significant gains. 100% sure I havnt ran any of the dungeons available 100 times. Regardless if they are banning people for it or not, im only level 71, may be high to some, but tracking my hours played i leveled relatively slow, as i wanted to complete altars and renown and other things along the way. I also dont have a crazy amount of gold and my items/equipment seem pretty normal to me when compared to others. I feel that a quick look at my character wouldnt warrant a flag for any game exploit abuse. Waiting a whole week to get a response on what I even did wrong is crazy. I could make a new blizzard account and buy the game again make a new character and get to the same point in the game that I was on my banned account in the time it will take to even get a response. Only thing stopping me is not knowing specifically what I did wrong so the mistake isnt repeated, if anything was done against the TOS to begin with.


Did I miss where the OP stated how long their Suspension or Ban is?

I went back and saw where he said he has to wait 6 days. I misread that as the time he was out. But let’s say he’s only out for 3 days. That still means his ticket won’t be touched until the vacation is over. The entire point of appealing a forced vacation is to have it removed BEFORE it’s over.

It is way more than that. With Blizzard any penalties on your account stay on your account forever. They stack. So if someone ever gets in trouble again, the next penalty is longer based on the account history.

That applies to every type of penalty in game or on the forums. Note that forum penalties are separate from game penalties.

People would want to get any mistaken actions taken off their account record.

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my account is closed, banned for good, no suspension period. The first 3 tickets i submitted failed to process. It wasnt until i went on blizzard twitter and brought up the issue and was directed to submit a ticket through diablo 3 appeals that my ticket was finally processed

Yeah, I saw your Twitter interaction. How odd that it would not process under the right category. I hope you did do what JH said and make sure to put that it was for D4 in the ticket text!

twitter getting old. it shouldnt work better than the in-house options

mildly infuriating lol.

It’s actually not a waste of time. When you get a ban like this it stays on your record. Future bans could be longer to indefinite based on past history. If you did nothing wrong, it’s always best to get that removed.