Bad Player Feedback Necro, Game too hard, Not powerful enough, Not enough Legendaries etc

It’s true, idiots crying because they can’t one shot everything and legs don’t drop every 5 minutes for their instant gratification. Listening to these people is a sure way to see the game FAIL.

While I agree that the game should have a decent level of difficulty and devs shouldnt rush changes and be careful about end game impacts, I also disagree with your core point. There is nothing wrong with making changes that impact leveling and lower level progression that do not impact late game. They game shouldnt feel like a chore where as you progress in gear/level you feel weaker due to improper talent/gear balancing for select classes. These can be minor tweaks to help the experience for players last.

Your perspective as a long term diablo player actually works into your bias. You want a difficult long grind and a rewarded end game where you can be superior for fighting through the pain. Sorry to tell you that the average player/customer will not push through 100 levels of crap for some rewarding “you made it” sticker at the end. The game itself needs to be rewarding and fun through the leveling journey or you will lose customers.


This is much more reasonable and rationale reaction to the balance changes compared to “they ruined Diablo 4” “Necromancer is completely unplayable”.

The people saying stuff like this are not offering fair constructive feedback that makes sense. It’s completely over the top and should be disregarded.

A bunch of much more talented game developers took a pass on these changes and felt they were fair. Developers that discussed it as a team, tested and played with it, including Necromancer mains in the team, and pushed out the patch.

I’m inclined to think Blizzard know better than the lvl 20 Necromancers who played a server slam.

So much of Diablo 4 is amazing and decisions made amazing. I have faith this D4 dev team really know what they are doing and the balance changes should be allowed to sink in and played with for a while before immediately reacting to the people that play that class moaning about a nerf.

For all we know this whole summon thing is a non issue after like 10 hours or so but provides a really cool early game experience by offering a zero to hero power fantasy. Which is what I much prefer.

Well turns out Blizz agreed they went too far with minion nerfs as they’re hot fixing them.

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Got a link to where they said this?

Yes, i said that myself. Doesn’t mean the class was unplayable. i made it to 20 in the shortest time I’ve ever have. I completed the main quest line at 16 heh. But, i am very happy to hear of the fix., will jump in and testit out

It’s a pinned post. About 30 minutes ago I think.

maybe try looking next time ;x

Welp. They caved…

I guess if you want your class not to be nerfed you just mass complain about it.

Or saw reason, constantly resummoning isnt fun gameplay if your hordes dies every time a mob looks at them funny.

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No they caved to whiny players moaning about their class nerf. I don’t believe other classes will get this treatment but the classes that appeal to low skill players like Sorc and Necro.


I agree, I’ve been playing Diablo since it’s first came out on PC all those years ago, Diablo 2 is when I was able to convince my husband to play, Diablo 3 on a PlayStation was great with storyline, graphics and well the seasonal items but… The game became very repetitive very boring and just too easy, It got to the point where my husband would take months even a year sometimes to want to play the game again. And I understood that having to keep doing something that’s just so very mind numbingly repetitive sucks, I did continue to try out every season to see what I would get but Diablo 3 had been my number one game and at some point I don’t know when that changed. This server slam was wonderful instead of just flying through the game with my necromancer I had to think, strategize and adjust to a more difficult game. It was fun and not just smashing the same buttons. Blizzard, keep giving us a challenge, make us work for what we want, It’s better this way


Preach, say it louder for us in the back! I say stop trying to manipulate devs by yelling “refund” to black mail them into putting terrible things into the game.


Wow. Yall just hate “wrong fun” eh?
66% of skeleton summons are useless garbage right now. And that number approaches 100% for boss fights.

Its not a minion build if you have zero minions because they die instantly as soon as a non-trash mob spawns.

People like minion builds. The tweaks to minions at the start of server smash made that entire playstyle worthless.

And “itll get better at higher level” is not how any of this works.
If summons die almost instantly at low level, they will die instantly on harder difficulty where monsters hit harder. Thats literally how ARPGs work.

Lot’s if game’s nuff class skills or gear to make the game more enjoyable and fair to all players, Elder Scrolls Online and Call of Duty are two that do this, Yeah people get upset but the developers of these games don’t give in to the players that sit on forms crying like children more then play the game itself. These games are still making there money and have the players loyalty to keep the game going. If you really don’t like the game then get your refund if you can or maybe learn how to work at something in life to enjoy if fully and have a sense of accomplishment.

i hate to be the one to say this, but if you came in this thread saying you want hard mode and not mind numbing game, i agree somewhat

but you could also just wait for street fighter 6, and play a real competitive game.

not diablo 4 lol

Well then instead of relying fully on one build maybe you can suggest something truly useful to the creators. ( Oh I don’t know maybe something like a system where you can have multiple build setups so when you go into different types of bosses and come in with different types of strategies you can change back and forth) Why make it so unfair to every other player that’s not your class or build.

They don’t want peeps changing builds to fit the situation nor do the people in the forum apparently if you listen to the loud people in here that like to spout just git gud.

Having to constantly change your build for different situation is not only the opposite of the devs stated design philosophy of “play however you want to”

But its also impossible in end game with good gear. At least not without swapping almost every piece of gear youre equipped with.

“Your chosen playstyle is useless, so play differently and hope that some magic end game loot makes it viable” isnt a valid argument.

Completely agree. And it doesn’t surprise me to hear this from someone who played Diablo for years compared to all the feedback the game is receiving now.