Are we going to have to wait 1 full month from launch for the first serious patch? is Diablo4 Free to Play?

Amazon had no choice. Lost ark was so bugged many players couldn’t progress, and it lost its player base, it was very similar to FFXIV when it first released, the reception was plagued, and the game broken.

D4 needs class buffs in certain specs, but other then that the game is fine, I can progress, I can level, I can farm loot. Is it repetitive? Yes, but it’s serving its purpose.

Slow class release literally killed that game.

To be fair, they seriously nerfed all the EXP spots in patches, does that count?

as far as i understanded from the campfire livestream is basically that one of the major reasons the patch is beign delayed… its sad…

i like the crossplay feature tho, i think is the way to go… we are all players, we sould not divide based on witch platform we playing, we have enough division as human race sadly… lets keep the gaming community strong and united ! :fist: :laughing:

Yep… and it’s never going to change. It’ll be delayed EVERYTIME for this console cert process.

I suspect a lot of devolopment time and resources are wasted on cosmetic shop, battlepass, and seasons. Imagine if the game didn’t have those systems and instead all those resources could be out towards actual game balance and content (like more monsters instead of cosmetics).

Well, they don’t have a choice unless they want to release PC and Console patches at different times. That would break cross progress and cross play though so I doubt they would do that.

I suppose they could have not made it for Consoles at all then would not have the approval portion in the dev cycle, but that seems restrictive given how many like cross play. Even D1 and D3 were also on Console - but without cross play they did not have to synch up.

Not to mention censorship. The massive number of bots. The game had problems and most likely still has those problems.

Oh no, 2 weeks! Whatever will you do? I hope you can make it through this challenging time in your life.

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