Are we going to have to wait 1 full month from launch for the first serious patch? is Diablo4 Free to Play?

I mean… amazon updated lost ark muuuuuuuuch faster , i guess when you are free to play you need to work for your money…

im not talking about lost ark beign good or bad u trolls… im talking about Amazon working hard ASAP to fix the game when it was free 2 play, and here after spending AAA price game we have to wait 1 month and a half for geting the basic quality of life improvement should have beign there since day1 early acces… i remember when they said there was a search freature in the skill tree… cmon thats a joke, its only a tagcloud type of search, you dont even have a textbox… kek


What are you smoking about lost ark? That was the wrost game ever and it took them for ever to update it. And by that point they only had 20k players left


You paid at least $70 just to buy the game and post here…

I have not had coffee yet, but I know a silly bait statement when I see one.


I have made it about 4 sips in to my coffee. I now realize I forgot to post the links to resources so the OP can see where to find all the updates so far as well as latest discussions about more updates.


If you think patches and new content appear out of nowhere and materialize in our reality just by imagining them, you are definitely sitting the wrong way on the horse.

And bringing up Lost Ark, a trash beyond any level MMORPG catering to milk you from every cent of yours, then you are definitely sitting on the wrong way on that horse.


ofc they dont, but they need to speed it up, they recieved a lot of money from purchases since early access… they can do it they have the workforce for it, but we will getting the patch when season 1 launches… thats bs…

i remember Lost ark implementing quality of life features much faster than diablo 4, that we are going to be waiting for 2 more weeks… i might be wrong, anyway we should have the patch ASAP im sick of gems and becoming numb by hovering mouse over almost every piece of armor in my stash to find what i need…

Hi, sorry to do this here: Is there way to send private message? I would like to discus something really quick/get your opinion on something (related to flag count we talked about no long ago - or you know, take a quick glance at last Topic I’ve made - in current context I find this bit insane)

Tell me you are a instant gratification twit with out telling me

Looks like someone doesn’t know Lost Ark is originally a korean game that came out years before Amazon westernized version…

Some would even say Amazon kept content away just so they could have people come back (and pay for stuff) after each “new” content patch.

In fact, I clearly remember the community forums at Lost Ark release and one of the major complaints was that the game was released in a gutted version and was more than a year behind Korea.

i guess youre right, but did we get a 1st day patch? or a 1st day nerf? and a patch for fixing the store… cmon…

I should have known that there would be trolls coming to answer bs in this thread, life goes on… u realize after reading your stupid replies i can see that you have more than 1600 posts? get a life get out of the forums and breathe some air my dudes…

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You would have to add me as a Battlenet Friend and I would have to accept the request. Then you can message. They make it so that nobody can just invasively start pestering you.

You get 5 flags per 24 hours, if that answers the question. The forum Admins CAN raise that, but I have not seen them ever do that for the general populace.

The forum mod team handles reports from all the forums in a large queue, not just one forum. So, it would increase that queue…

Personally I think we need more flags, esp on very active forums. Not like flags can remove posts. Most it can do is get something turned grey until a Mod reviews it, but it is still there. Heck, people always go see what got hidden so it increases views in a way.

sigh I am not going to get into more thoughts on moderation. It is inconstant and not timely is about all I can say.

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Nice b8 m8 I r8 it 8

15 characters

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Stupid follow up question: Can I do that with info provided by forum system? Like through some function on user profile I do not see?

oh , so we are going to need to wait 2 more weeks? awesome!

the patchnotes and hotfixes are mostly nerfs and very particular boses and dungeon/minor fixes, that roughly 15% players experienced… whatever dude…

No, the forums do not have the private messaging feature enabled. The default software for Discourse (the forum software) does have it - but Blizz won’t use it. We have Battlenet to use instead and that gives people a lot more control over who can talk to them - as in you have to accept the friend request first.

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New World’s “patches” broke the game more every single time they were introduced, brought old bugs back, and opened up exploits that destroyed the game.

Amazon has no idea how to run a gaming company and expected junior developers to work at an unrealistic pace that destroyed their game.

Blizzard have 30+ years understanding how to properly manage a game, there is a reason patches don’t come flying out from experienced dev teams.

They also have to deal with console certification

So you have to make sure the patch breaks nothing in your game, and then you have to make sure your patch doesn’t brick consoles, and then you have to send your patch to the console makers for them to make sure your patch doesn’t brick consoles and then you get to release it

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Let’s not also forget that they designed this game for console Andys. So every major patch has to go through the lengthy and time-consuming console certification process.

That’s pretty good point, I mean, I am sure they are in fast lane, but it explains few things regarding hotfixes, I almost forget about horrors of console dev, lol.

Eh, console cert depends on the developers relationship with the console makers, blizzard has a pretty good relationship so it likely doesn’t take more than a day or two compared to the week plus of smaller companies

remember how some people in here called everyone accepting and liking the game as shills or whiteknights ? and then we have posts like this and they wonder why the forums are so toxic !!! :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:

@OP, are you aware AGS didn’t develop the game ? they just publish it ? the patches come from SG from Korea. Koreans had the full game released years before NA. The content was dripped fed to the NA upon release to milk players. Talk about being clueless . . .