AOZ tier 10 not the same as old tier 1 as blizz states

S/he is saying, “I’m a godly beast and these are my achievements - hear me roar”.

when did they say old t1 would equal new t10? they said t10 and beyond would feel unchanged unless my reading comprehension is bad


T5 (maybe T6) should be the same as old T1


Tier 10 is unchanged.
Where did you see “Tier 10 is now what Tier 1 was”?

Tier 1 - similar to a level 90 NMD
Tier 5 - similar to a level 100 NMD(->OLD Tier 1 AoZ<-)
Tier 10 - 6…7…8…9 ramps back up to original Tier 10.(UnChanged)
Incoming Damage was reduced by 20%.

At least that’s how it reads to me.

they nerfed it so hard though im spamming t9’s now for leveling the glyph. gives 9800xp. its so nice


That’s what i gathered by this sentence

that pretty much just says that everything below t10 will be weakened, and it reaches the pre hotfix difficulty when you start t10.

I may be reading it wrong but the “matching current by tier 10” comment i took as tier 10 now feeling like old T1. If not then they ramped up the difficulty more in 5 levels from 5-10 then the old 1-10?

what I got it that lvl 10 will be the same as the old lvl 1, and progress further from 11 + will be as exactly as it was before, with 20% less damage, EXCELLENT patch in my view.

It’s more of a gentle slope now with a forgiving entry level vs before Tier 100NMD-ish.
It was def harder than a T100 NMD but not by much, still though the entry for many was steep.

They kept T10 AoZ as it “was” because that’s when the fun begins.
Everyone can participate now - but to proceed, one has to really work at it.

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Yeah the xp boost is great im just saying by blizzard math tier 10 isn’t the same as old 1

totally agree. i must admit i didnt like the nerf when i read the patchnotes, but now i see that it feels kinda nice since you feel nicely rewarded for pushing your limits.

well as stated, it wasnt supposed to become that way. thatd have been a ridiculous nerf to the content.

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How is it a gentle slope. Make a slope in power progression with tier 1 being near NM100 to tier 10 your saying is unchanged. Then take that slope from a level 5 being a NM100 to the same 10.

Tier 1 is a 90-ish.
Tier 5 is a 100-ish.
Tier 10 is - what it was.
vs before? That’s gentle.
I expect we’ll see FAR fewer posts about “Tier 1” after this patch.


yea, i think its a fair compromise for the “casual bobs” really. The content gets more accessible while the people who like the hard aspects of the content get to keep it.

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The XP buff was totally required.
I was quite peeved that this was not account-wide and locked to lvl 100 for all Characters.
Old Glyph XP rates were utterly ridiculous for other MAINS - forget “Alts”.

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yea absolutely. i got my glyph to lvl 9 pre patch and it took really quite a bit of time.

Exactly. They didn’t gut the AoZ :white_check_mark:
Everyone can at the least access it with minimal effort :white_check_mark:
Pushing is still present along w challenge :white_check_mark:

Imagine doing this for 2 other main Characters… :negative_squared_cross_mark:
haha crazy to think we’d 50h/50h/50h etc XP farm.

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god yea, i mean even with the changes, i totally focus on 1 character now. i dont see myself grinding the glyph for 2, let alone 3 chars lol.

My Rogue and Sorcerer are pretty much done for lol. (well i guess i still use the rogue for helltides due to its speed)

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This is such a HORRIBLE experience. I’m just burnt out on the powder grind etc.

Tier 10, even after patch, is RIDICULOUS. No way is it supposed to be “T1” from yesterday. Someone there must have misplaced another digit in their code.