AoZ partial resource refunds in the works or are my hopes too high?

So should all of the users who suffered major losses in materials, which equals time as well, because of this update removing prior earned levels expect some type of material refund? This isn’t asking for much considering the severity and impact such a decrease has on performance. While a 21 level glyph reduced to 19 is severe enough, imagine the loss in functionality of a build when a glyph is reduced from 15 to 14. I know there are no guarantees in beating a level of AoZ, but you must admit that this wasted more than the emotions spent by players. Offer up a free, and meaningful resource refund. Or better yet give everyone 6 free level 1 AoZ sigils! Something more than an apology because this is affecting your most dedicated players the most.

Thanks for this but doesn’t answer the question. I did read this before I posted. I just think the wasted resources and time for those who attempted and failed in some parts do to this glitch should tangibly be addressed.