Any 'Queued...' enjoyers?

So - you’ve passed the countdown, you’ve gone through the authentication message, and now you’re stuck on ‘Queued…’ with an endless spinning red wheel and no timer.

15 minutes so far - where are you at?


Tell us something we do not know.

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16 minutes to go, played for around 3 hrs earlier.
Game good tho


35 minutes and counting, will soon pass the first queue with no way of knowing if this one even ever leads to getting in.


I’ve been here for over an hour at this point. And the “sunk cost” fallacy is overarching at this point.

This shenanigans portrayed by Blizzard is unacceptable, and pure incompetence.


longest queue time is 96 minutes. I am not really that upset with how things are going. Now, Sunday will be a different matter. I am using the queue time to check and respond to forums. So, it is not really lost time.

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I was waiting in the qeue with an actual timer when the post stating they were pulling the stupidity of “Restricting the amount of players allowed in” was posted. That was over 2 hours ago at this point.

Why does this company seriously not understand how to do server based games, if they’re literally forcing the game to be server based? Why is there currently a qeue to enter this game, during a beta period with limited access, that’s over 2 hours long?

I don’t even want to imagine how horrible this launch is going to be. if they can’t get a limited access beta to properly work, and have qeues extending beyond 2 hours… There is literally no way the actual launch isn’t going to be an absolute dumpster fire. It’s going to put to shame all previous horrible server based launches Blizzard has done.

Before they forced this game to be purely online, all the time, they really should have looked into the servers and stability, and ensured they had hired competent server technicians.

Side note: I literally just saw a streamer get disconnected, get into a 5 minute qeue, and was back in the game within that 5 minutes. Yet here I am, 2+ hours later… sitting at a “qeued” screen.

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I am just curious to know if the “Queued…” screen is dead end, and if I need to get myself back into the queue all over again to try and get in…


68 min wait for me. Oh well, at least I’m being forced to take periodic breaks which isn’t really such a bad thing. Loving the game, cant wait till full release.

ya got DCed and 63 mins que. managed to play for few hours got to level 14, found 5 legendaries, seems to have good drop rates, got 1 even from second time gamble

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Was in a 86 min. que. It went to connect and said couldnt connect to server…back to a 90 min. que…its just silly

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Update, it eventually led to an error code and kicked back out.

I got home pressed play got greeted by a 76min queue, after that got authenticated and been watching the red wheel of death saying queued now for about 90 minutes i would like to get back the last 3 hours of my life please

I got dc’d upon hitting level 12, and keep having to re-queue because when my queue completes I get disconnected. I’ve just been watching The Glory on Netflix, and may start Shadow & Bone season 2 while I wait :))))

wait, so you actually got passed the “queued…” spinning red wheel with no timer eventually

Been on “queued…” for over an hour now. Not sure whether to restart.


Big streamers are on their own servers to ensure they have strong server stability for advertising the game. If youre not a content creator or a influencer youre going to have to sit in the que (which is broken af) like the rest of us.

I’ve been in “Queued” for over 2 and a half hours… Is it bugged? Should I restart? :’(


No the error just popped up I never got past it.

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In the same boat. Hoping they will extend the beta since I haven’t got play not even a single minute all day.