Altars and Fog of war not unlocked

I thought that the fog of war and altars were carried over from retail to the PTR?

i have the ability to skip the campaign now i’ve done the prologue but i have none of the altars, reknown bonuses and the map is completely covered with the fog of war. (I have all altars and map unlocked on retail)

edit i tried logging into a retail character and then creating a new PTR char to see if this would force the data to copy across and they’re still missing.

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They aren’t unlocked for me either

Checking in on this since we’re seeing more players reporting this


Thanks for the followup <3

This is strange… Fog of War carried over for me, but the Altars of Liilth didn’t.

Thanks Blue, we appreciate you.

Conferred with the team and the blog was in fact inaccurate. It does require a boost to grant all of the progression for a character. We’re updating that to accurately reflect that information.


Thanks for clarifying, appreciate the speedy response.

The boost does not grant altar of lilith progression currently.

They may not show on the map, that is a known issue, but the perks should be unlocked for collecting them.


Can confirm this works.
Boost any character to 100, make a new character at lv 1, and all the unlocks are present, including Skip Campaign.

That worked for me but still couldn’t get horse till 25. Although maybe I needed to do that on the boosted toon as well. I seen a level 9 on a horse so apparently there is a way to do it.

I completed the Lorath quest on my first character, boosted, then spoke with the stable master.