Again... Awfull SKIRT attached to chest piece - new rogue outfit

The costumes for the other classes are SKIRT attached to pants… thats totally how it should be done.

SKIRT attached to Chest Piece = you cant combine it with other pants without hiding under the SKIRT SKIRT SKIRT…

Please if anyone have contact to the rogue cosmetic department.


I will buy every rogue outfit where the skirt is NOT attached to the chest piece.

ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR (sorry but ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!)
… heavy escalating as usual

Yours Rogue Lagerfeld :woman_elf:


You better not be talking about my fierce peacock outfit. :hamster: :popcorn:

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And its the famous blood raven… please why is the skirt attached to the upper piece. Thats breaks my small filthy rogue heart.
(Very heavy breathing)

Really i cant understand it.

To demonstrate my dissapointment i will run after random people and spam hello grettings till they explode. BOOM

Another example “Rogues Legacy Outfit”. The same (insert heavy swearing). Nice upper body piece. Well rounded. But again!!! Skirt attached to it? And who thought the corset is a good idea? That could be one of the sexiest outfits. But no… grrrrrrrrrrrrr

Yeah that one is slightly better than “Forrest” Scorpion.

Meanwhile Sorc Artist hits it out of the park with Bird of Paradise. And the Red one yesterday and the Hydra one before that.

The new Necro one is nice too Herald of Pestilence.

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Ya. I dont know what they were thinking with some of these cosmetics in the shop.

Some of them are pretty good, but Some of them are pretty horrendous.

Why anyone would want to spend money on some of these is beyond me.

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When i spend money on it i would like to have some variation. I want to have the possibility to combine/play with as much pieces as possible but when the “skirts/weapon-skirts” are attached to the chest-piece it gets very limited.

Thats why i still run around in my “Lara Croft” outfit.

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Get rid of skirts period.

I took another quick look and there are at least 3 armor sets i would instantly buy when the skirt would not be attached (tired to write this) to the chest piece. That would be so much fun to combine with other stuff.

But i guess that would never happen. Because in space (the forum) no dev can hear me scream. :crazy_face:

https: //imgur. com/tkh6HxY

(dont know how to attach a pic. ged rid of 2x space and you see my actual outfit from rogue “Yfu”)