Admit it, you're only mad because we didn't get one

not mad at all. But actually i do think that they should do smthing with droprates of “uber” uniques. Cuz there is no point to have those items if they are actually unobtainable.

And yeah i do think that they should rerolled this shako situation cuz a lot of those 142 will sell their acc for a lot of $.

No need for me to admit it, because it’s not true.

What i am mad about however is, that 1. Its unnecessary these bloody things are THAT rare in the first place and 2. With all the insane issues the game has, things that actually affect the gameplay in a negative way cough resistances cough, which they take months to fix, they suddenly have the upmost urgency to fix that people might be getting ultra rare items on the bloody eternal realm.
Like that sh1t is getting fixed immediatly. Broken resistances? Nah. Loottables? Can wait a few weeks. TP to nightmare dungeons? Yea a month for that is a good timeframe.
People getting rare loot more frequently? FUN DETECTED, FIX THAT IMMEDIATLY

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Absolutely valid point. I’m sure they do a bit of testing on patches before releasing but clearly all avenues should have been checked before hand. The issue here to me should have been easily spotted or thought about by the people who programmed the game in the first place. My only issue is punishing the few who got it first due to devs incompetence

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hhaahahahahaha bingo!!! they are mas asf!!! who cares if drop in normal mode! when go in the new items and new build can cry but now? have no sense!

They already confirmed that they could identify the accounts.

Anyone who got one by accident invested basically nothing to obtain it to begin with.

The items shouldn’t exist and it is within Blizzard’s power to make it happen, so they should simply remove them all.

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“FUN DETECTED” not gonna lie that made me laugh way too hard. Great points

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God lord you live a very sheltered life. This is almost every response from any industry.

This forum has because a preschool full of screaming toddlers throwing tantrums.

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My discontent goes in that direction, especially how they are managing all this disaster and the previous ones.
One does not end and another begins.

In any serious job, you give a similar answer to a client for a problem that the company itself caused, and the next day you are out.
But we’re talking about Blizzard and the video game industry, where most of the customers don’t know what it’s like to earn their own money so that later they come to laugh at you.

Spoiled children only throw temper-tantrums when they don’t get what they want, when they want it.

Something isn’t handed to them, they cry.
Something gets taken away, they cry.
Someone else gets something they want instead of them, they cry.

There’s only 2 options, give into their demands, or let them cry and flail about like babies. I say, don’t give into terrorist demands… let them cry.

Not me.

I’m happy other people are bhurt about something I don’t care about.

I’m mad that bosses are CC immune, have ridiculous AoE range that comes out almost instantaneously, never react to anything I do and never act afraid of anything I do, can’t have their limbs torn off, can’t have their attacks blocked, etc.

And how bad the story is.

How bad skills feel to use and how lame they look and sound.

how stupid and lame the paragon board is.

that we have to pay to respec

the pointless backtracking in dungeons to find the thing to put on the thing because for some reason D4 is all about rituals that have no explanation for their mechanisms even though neither D1 nor D3 featured rituals.

the excessive CCs, excessive damage, etc.

Diablo 4 is just a full letdown.

Im on the “it doesnt matter anyway cos seasons” band wagon for this one

oof ratio’d on the first comment

My problem isn’t that this happened, my problem is that this happening may trace a path forward that will just cater to two types of people - those that exploit, and those that don’t care

Yep. It’s unfortunately the same pattern as when huge bugs made it onto live in D3. Some people exploited and got more than 2k paragons quickly. They were never banned either, nor rolled back.

There’s a pattern here.

I honestly couldn’t care less.

If I was to stumble across one, not knowing it was in error and they said they were taking it back, I would simply say bummer and move on.

For some players though, they will manifest their frustration into the real world. Whether it’s yelling at their monitors or being very aggressive with their keyboards.

To me, it’s not worth it nor is it healthy. With only 142 released into the wild, odds are I still will never see another player with one.

lol true, part of me is salty i didnt get one, but the other more rational side says sucks for me, good for them.

Nah. I play a spec that doesn’t require one. Didn’t even try.

I couldn’t care less about mythical items that functionally don’t exist at their current drop rate.

I am, however, furious at Blizzard’s disregard for and arbitrary application of their own ToS. The precedent set is those within the lines lose out while exploiters and bug beneficiaries get a free pass.

So exploit early, and exploit often. And I hope to see these same threads when the next bug comes along. Which it will.

Ahh the good old Blizzard mantra.

Exploit Early, exploit often.

I’m not mad people got anything. Good for them. I think it just shows that having those items be so rare is stupid af. It’s a 3 month game. Having items that rare is just dumb. It makes them worthless. Let people get items and just have some damn fun.