Admit it, you're only mad because we didn't get one

As someone who didn’t get the “ULTRA RARE DROP THROUGH AN EXPLOIT”. I don’t understand why people are so upset. Yes it sucks as someone who didn’t get one either due to time issues, level, etc. BUT we all know full well that if you, yes you reading this, had gotten one as a drop and the devs took it you’d still be upset and rage quitting, am i right?

I want to have a logical discussion about it, not intended to argue just pointing out both sides


I’m not mad at all. I’m also happy that others got something really nice. I also don’t want it taken away from them.


Not mad at all. Why would I be mad when in 12 days seasons start and anything in standard is irrelevant.


It sets a precedent for future bugs/exploits.

Blizzard basically just told everyone to abuse them as quickly as possible if they don’t want to miss out again - which is an incredibly dumb thing to do imo.


Salty person spotted above.

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Wont deny the logic here. Its sound. I cant remember what game it was a few years back that received a bunch of backlash for removing items that people earned because they were broken or whatever, but it would be unfair to remove an item earned through hours of grinding and leveling due to an oversight on the devs part dont you think?

pretty sure its because 98% of the community didn’t know the intentional “code error” even existed. from what i heard shako was nearly if not a 100% drop rate. blizzard probably didn’t expect so many to get it… and it was all apart of one hell tide? you cant tell me it wasn’t coincidental or non intentional.

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I think this is just low qualiy troll bait thread from someone who may have gotten an exploited Shako or just trying to upset the community more but I will respond briefly.

No, I don’t want one because it is an exploited item and I’d rather the drop rate be something obtainable under normal play but it’s not. That does not excuse Blizzard to let exploited items remain on the realm. If it was any other MMO or ARPG that allowed exploited items to remain on the server I’d also quit. Maintaining a cheat free environment is the core issue here.

Seasons is also completely unappealing to me and many others. We wanted to PvP on the Eternal Realm and now this is completely ruined by hundreds of players with a big gear advantage over us all because they exploited and we didn’t. Later.

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Who cares about a drop? It might matter if this game was good. The game sucks though.


admit get UNIQUE in no season char is useless xD

Anyone who actually target farmed Uber Unques using this method knew exactly what they were doing and that it was not intended to work that way.

I’m thinking a lot of these posters defending it in this thread are shills or new account trolls. I’m out. Everyone with a brain knows why exploited uber uniques need to be removed.

If I had had this drop during that period, I would have been very happy. BUT if I had read the next day that it was a bug/exploit and many people had gotten it, my joy would have been completely to zero.

For me personally it is a motivation in the game to have a very small chance that one of the Uber Uniques will drop. Mainly because it was so rarely dropped at all.

Now that Blizzard has given the US players the opportunity to quickly stock up on these items, it just takes the fun out of the game a bit.
NOT because those supposed 142 players have it, but because it’s less special/rare now!

I even assume they’re on purpose. Mainly because they are now supposedly unable OR just don’t want to remove these items!
For me it’s a huge mess and for me it comes with allowed cheating in the game!

Really WEAK Blizzard…really weak!


Lord how I wish my character was even high enough for it to be in my loot pool lol. Only level 72 currently. And yes could be viewed as bait but wasn’t the intention. Just honestly wanted a conversation to see both sides of the issue without people being in a rage. Yes title is a little bait-y but it got you here too :stuck_out_tongue:

Not mad but wish I did get one. Not for the same reason as these jealous little lying hypocrites though. I wanted one so i could antagonize them with my “exploited” shako.
Because this was NOT AN EXPLOIT.
And most of these people that demanding rollback were out opening helltide chests just like everyone else.
And of the millions of helltide chests opened after patch 142 drops. This is STILL a rare accomplishment.
And why does it even matter? The game is STILL garbage. Do not care what they change what they do what season it is. Till there is benefit to level and difficulty the game is a casual simulator.
Shako should be dropping about as common as frostburn in t100 at least. Look at the rolll ranges on these super uniques even at a normal drop rate it is going to take months in some cases to get a decent one.

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I’m not mad. I think the drop rate is absurdly stupid. They dropped in the endgame beta while leveling and upwards. You still chased better versions of the original ones you had.

This current droprate is one of the stupidest decisions I have ever seen in gaming.


I am happy because more people are becoming aware about how incompetenent blizz devs are.


that I absolutely can not argue. If they can track the drops and drop times should maybe the first dozen people who got it get to keep it as those were likely not the ones seeking exploit, or just flat remove them all?

Who cares? People will just uninstall if the game allows exploits. You can troll people upset or leaving the game due to disappointment but what does that say about you? Ultimately, you don’t matter to me either and you briefly take up my time before I move to other better constructed threads.

Your post basically is “why is cheating bad for the game? I don’t get it” but dressed up a little more. I explained it and this will be my last post. Goodluck in your D4 adventures.

It’s not just the Shako, they are a lot of things that accumulate day after day, and if you also add how they have “solved” this situation, it’s the worst thing they could have done for the game.

About Shako in particular, he can’t set a challenge, and be every day preaching a fair and healthy game, and when he has the opportunity to demonstrate it, just look the other way saying “we’ll see next time”

This response would be unacceptable in any other type of industry, in addition to showing complete disinterest in their customers.