Add Mouse and Keyboard Support for PS5!

If pc has the option to support controllers having two UI, consoles especially ps5 should have it too! :pray:t2:


Or atleast give us PC center interface!


Agreed. I purchased D4 on my PS5 specifically because it runs better than my current PC but was said to support Mouse and Keyboard - the way Iโ€™ve been playing Diablo games for over twenty years.

This controller in my hand is starting to get more familiar, but itโ€™ll never compare to the ease of mouse and keyboard for me personally.

Was hoping this would be a feature in beta.

Starting to worry if itโ€™ll even be a thing at launch.


Yeah hating life as a wannabe shadowstep rogue right now. Try targetting that exact mob you want to stunn in the middle of a pack with that useless right stick function.

1000% this game would increasingly play worse with higher densities in later stages. Having to target specific mobs is difficult and the lock on system is janky.

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