Account suspended for 8 days because name offended someone?!?

Beware folks. If you come up with a funny name, or a play on words, that might offend someone. You might get reported by some easily offended person.

Do they even verify these reports? Seems like if someone wants to report you, it’s a no questions asked policy to suspend you.

I was informed by email that first I was silenced, a couple of days before, because of inapropriate chats. This tells me they do NOT verify anything as I do NOT use game chat. Being on console it’s cumbersom to chat.

Then I was reported for my character name. Same name I have had on 3 other characters since season started. My account now is on day 4 of an 8 day suspension, Cannot log in to battlenet to play.

Appealed it 3 separate times, generated the same scripted response. Good luck getting a human to respond. No personal interaction, just the same canned repsonse.

I guess I am just venting, I am 60 yo (yeah 60, have several 100 lvl chars, and usually play solo). I have nothing else I like to play, sad I know…but hey.

Cold outsourced support with scripted messages. Good luck having a real person listen to an appeal if this happens to you.


Every customers support system in Blizzard is automated. You cant do anything about its - that’s the sad truth. Every ticket response is auto also. It Tales only few ppl to report you for whatever and system automaticly flags you.


I would have assumed that the appeals process would require a human being to read your appeal. Based on my expeirience so far, seems that is indeed not the case.

i see some pretty awful names in game. you must have really came up with a good one.

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No not really. Two word name, need to re-arrange letters to make it remotely offensive…if you find the F work offensive. You need to re-arrange a coupke letters from different words to.

So, you have to WORK to get it and chuckle, or to be offensive. sigh

ive gotten a few names changed in d3. ppl see it on the leaderboard and get offended :smiley:

I dont mind having name changed. It’s been distressting to be suspended for 8 days at a whim.

I only play D4, 4-5 hours a day. It’ s kind of my therapy and my curent situation at 60 yo. It’s been depressing to have been suspended for sure, but moreso in not being able to play.

yeah they should have just forced a name change. did you go off on someone in chat? that could be why

I’m on console, I dont use in game chat. It’s tedious on console so I dont bother wth chat other than the emote messages “thanks”, “no”, etc

I saw an email sent 2 days before I was suspended, that my account was silenced for 2 days. I knew then they dont check anything as I do not use in game chat at all.

I play solo, its my form of therapy. Occasioanlly I play with an xbox friend on xbox party chat.

But the reason given for my suspension was the name.

There’s people who will handle the reports. Certain stuff is a machine while others are human. OP try to bypass the system with play on words which OP stated depending on the word it will take one report. Blizzard been around for a long time so thier list is long. I bet it is a new slang or a old word many don’t know this is where reporting comes in. OP knew what words they can’t have in their name just because OP refuse to read terms of service or code of conduct is no excuse that’s why it is there.

There’s appeal a player can do or talk with support this is the only way to talk to a human on this site. They’re on Twitter as well. If it was all machine then there will be very clear how rapid the decsion making will be. Emails of don’t reply back means there’s a bot at the end if send the bot will send it back. All companies does this which is the same with answer machines when set up this way.


I dont use twitter, do not know how it even works…I’m old, I dont understand it.

My name was Buck Futt. Maybe this message will get censored becuase of it?

Thats it, comical yes, and if you want to try to be offended by it then you certainly can.

Additionally, I did apply an appeal to support, three times. Only response was the same canned message.


I’m 62, the idea that another 60+ year old would use that name is embarrassing to me, I would expect someone under 20 to use such a name. I’ll certainly question anyone’s intelligence to use even remotely offensive names…but hey, you do you, than complain about being reported…go figure.

Quote: “try to be offended by it then you certainly can”
Hence, all your issues, someone was, and methinks someone in the process was also.

I have an African American wife, and we have multi-racial kids, you think all the idiots running around with racist related names are not being reported by me?

Personally, I have no time for idiots, I don’t think being cute about being offensive is particularly funny, but that’s just me…and obviously not you. I would ban your account, easy call for me, since you made decisions along the way that would endanger your account at someone else’s expense, knowingly.

Settle down karen, you’re a grown crying baby.


usually they would just force a name change. if its that offensive it should be not have been enterable

So Asmonius, the word Buck is offensive to you? Or is the word Futt offensive to you?

Did you know Futt is short for futterman? (not my name), or that it means to ‘run’ in Norwegian?

But you go ban without context, why bother with context.

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If informational bothers you then don’t accuse me of being offended where there’s no proof I was. This projection is yours alone next time relax then proceed. You stated bypassing the system to create a name that will get you ban on the spot. Since you’re that old you knew better no need to insinuate towards me on the forums as this is immature way of talking to a person. Do you like to talk down to people who you don’t know by being offend for the sake of it just to label a person of it? I can tell this isn’t your first time doing it.

You got punish yet you take it out on me wow.

“If you want to be offended by it you certainly can” is a generic rhetoric statement.

Not intended to be directed at anyone, it’s using the “Royal We”, Or You, or “they”

It seems people today want to find things to be offended by. I said people, not ‘YOU’.

But people will read whatever they want into somethng to be offended.

I’m done here.

I am 58 and after this topic I suddenly started to feel young!


You replied to me not others, so it was a direct reference towards me hence “replying” with an “@”. The word "You" refers to me when you’re replying to me your statement wasn’t a question nor you were speaking about others. This is basic English as such you repeated the same thing by imply, I’m offended again with no proof by lashing out at others.

"But people will read whatever they want into somethng to be offended.

I’m done here."

You already stated twice of the word “You” when replying to me then proceed to say “People” not “You” as if the quote never exist. I ask a fair question and I got an rude answer still blaming me for your own fault. Where’s the proof I was offended? There is none only your projection that’s what a projection is. If you can’t speak in a respectful manner then move on but to say “I’m done” as if I cause your anger is laughable.

Maybe take this is a lesson to give your character a name, rather than being less witty than you think you are.