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Did they not open more servers knowing how many people bought the early access? I personally purchased the ultimate MONTHS ago and am kinda annoyed with the server issues and wait times


Is there going to be an act6Blizzard response or update? Im just blowing in the wind looking for information.


They should have opened more servers played an hour got booted I can understand the glitches it is a beta after all but dam better customer service people


I was able to play for roughly 4 - 5 hours, before I disconnected. Prior to that, I had a couple of connection errors during character creation and I did notice a delay with the subtitles in the opening scene. Otherwise, it’s been a pretty smooth experience.

I was around level 12 when I became disconnected. Now I’m queued at ~93 before I can log back in.

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I was able to play about 15minutes. Got booted now been in queue for about 4.5 hrs how are we supposed to reach lvl 20 to get the extras if we can’t get on?


The 30 minutes I got at the open of Beta this morning was great. The 5 plus hours stuck at queued waiting to get back in not so much.


Sir, kindly address the issue regarding the downloadable link to the early access. I bought a premium edition via ps5 but no link nor email was sent to me. Thanks and best regards.


Any updates on the server issues

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Anyone from blizzard gunna respond with anything or just leave us hanging. I’m guessing no because we are just money to them.


I was just in for maybe 15 minutes and was disconnected. Now I am at the character select screen and am getting an error selecting my character. Do we know if the servers are down/rebooting?


Think they will respond and acknowledge the fact that they need to do a reset so the console players whom got kicked at high noon can log back in ……

That’s the exact same thing that happened to me just about 10 minutes ago. The infamous Code 316719. It’s a sit and wait game unfortunately, which is a bummer. Was really hoping to get some play time in before I started my shift tonight.

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Inquiring about some game settings.

  • sorting bag button does not show how it’s being sorted.
  • will there be an option to have multiple ability presets you can cycle through on the fly with a single button. So you do not have to go into abilities to change each ability when you change your playstyle.
  • possibility to remove all subtitles cinematics and during gameplay
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Major Fail for early Access! Created character at 10:15 AM and could not join a game. So ok it’s beta, it has some kinks. But now it’s 10:50 PM and yet to get 1 min of actual play time. In queue all day with multiple hours in-between log in attempts! We deserve some compensation! This is BS!


Ja od wczoraj nie moge sie zalogowac a gram na konsoli xbox series s

Witaj wklubie ja tak samo kupilem wgrudniu gre a nawet 1godz nie spenilem wgrze poraszka jakas

A ja spendzilwm 15min i od tamtej pory czekam w kolejce a gram na konsoli xbox series s

Same as me. This is exactly what happened. I preordered for this and so we’ll I feel robbed.


Well missed the the world boss event all cuz the que, o btw wife is still playing and now max level, sad face

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