4 skill slots impacts Necro extremely significantly

On the first beta weekend I was frustrated with the lack of ability slots as I played sorc and I wanted frost nova + ice barrier + teleport which left no room for an ultimate ability, and now in the second beta weekend I have reached level 25 as a necro and summon skeletons takes a button and summon golem takes another separate button, leaving 2 whole skill slots outside of basic and core… It’s not fun at all to only have 2 abilities as summon mancer… increasing ability slots is the absolute biggest problem the game has and nothing else impacts gameplay as badly. More ability slots NEED to be added ASAP.

Also minor bug report if an enemy dies and leaves a pool of damage the melee skeletons straight up afk in the pool and dont move back to me or away from it. Skeleton AI needs a minor buff.

Thanks for your time.


But these are incredibly strong abilities that are worthy of a skill slot. They are much, much stronger than druid summons which not only occupy skill slots but you actually have to invest skill points into them.

If you don’t feel they are worthy of skill slots, just sacrifice them and the skill slots are free.


No room on game pad this is console game so you are out of luck. Sorry.


You’re half way there. I agree they are worth of skill slots, which is why there needs to be more skill slots. I’m speaking about the lack of FUN of only having 2 abilities. Yes summon skel and golem are powerful, and they are also the least interactive abilities turning necro into the most boring playstyle if used. Why would you advocate to make a class boring because it’s strong? This mentality is short sighted and I suggest playing necro yourself.

Currently at 22 so I don’t have the golem yet.

Just curious on two things;

If you remove the golem skill from your bar after you summon it, does it despawn?

If not, does ever actually die and need to be resummoned?

Yeah it has to be on your bar and it auto summons it when leaving town. It hasn’t died yet but it does have hp, I assume it’s unkillable or nearly unkillable until end game at least.

have you ever hear about making a choice idiot ?


Man your playing a class which is currently OP and you still complaining…

Aside from the bugged skeleton mastery, necro Lose a Lot of fuel after lvl 35, people should not judge a class Power with only 25 levels of the game, when enemies are really weak before the lvl 50 break.


Sorc has the same problem. This post is about the feel of the class being objectively less fun and interactive with the current number of ability slots, not the OPness. You could have been rerolling necro instead of typing this if being OP is all that is relevant to you.


if you remove it from bar it despawns. if you sac it it despawns and removes itself from bar. problem is the 10% attack speed bonus from saccing doesnt seem to work for me

sacrificing to get nothing feels pretty bad heh

Yeah, I’m not having any problems clearing or dying. 4 ability slots makes the class uninteractive and boring, not weak.

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Imho even for controller its easy to get tons of skills extras, ALL you need is a toogle Button like L1 and L2 wich would give already 18 skill slots


You wanna know how boring Necro can be. Equip a said wand with blood pool proc on corpse explosion and done. My necro build has 1 Skill on the bar and i clear the entire room in 2 secs.

if you want a visual of the build i recorded it on my phone its literally the most OP thing ive ever seen with 1 item and 1 skill.

Lack of skill slots was my #1 frustration with Diablo 3 as a game. Just felt so dumbed down, so limiting, nevermind the restrictions on which buttons you could put certain skills (notably the mouse).

Seeing Diablo 4 behave the same exact way is already damning. But this time instead of being able to freely change your skills around at will, you get soft-locked into them due to the shallow PoE-like skill tree system and are forced to reset everything to change.

It’s even worse than D3; I can’t fathom who decided this was a good idea.

As a FFXIV player who uses gamepad, I now see absolutely no excuse for games to be inherently limited because of the lack of buttons on a controller.

Also, my FFXIV setup lets me use 36 different skills, natively, and intuitively, without ever needing to manually swap hotbars (which offers even more skill usage).

Also also D4’s UI is terrible and having 3 different skill menus is asinine, especially since one of them has skills on it not visible in the skill tree. Literally thought I bricked my character 'cause I dragged raise skeleton off the bar and couldn’t find it to add it back.

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i need a bonus slot for ultimate…

all my chars end up not taking any ultimate so far. i’m not giving up utility/dmg at will for situational long cooldowns.


I have to agree with you here.
Diablo 4 feels good to run around and kill stuff, and that’s about it.
Everything is extremely shallow, the pool looks deep but it only goes up to your knees.

The arbitrary skill tree soft locking ability combinations is the dumbest class design metric I have ever seen in a video game, let alone an ARPG.

D3 at least gave you full control over your builds. D4 you are forced into a developer-determined pathway. And let’s be honest, I’d take a community created build over a developer’s build ANY day.

The world looks great, using a skill is great, but the skill allocation is a massive turnoff.
Diablo 4 should have been a PC game ported to consoles, not the other way around.

Back in the waiting room for CorePunk and PoE 2.


This. I forget whta game it was but it had this identical set up. Oh yeah it was hogwarts.

Unnecessarily dumbing the game down.

Trying to make it seem like you have to make meaningful choices by limiting how many abilities you can use on the action bar isn’t the best way to create a sense of depth in the game.

It’s not even a balancing issue. It’s just blizzard trying to make the game seem deeper than it really is, but failing at it miserably. WE should have more skill slots on the action bar.

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What is actually a bit hilarious is that there are games on the consoles that are absolutely bonkers in the department of skills and button presses required. Per example, Final Fantasy 14. So if Blizzard decides to use controllers as an excuse then they’re out of luck to make that stick.