27/28 Lilith Statues in Fractured Peaks

Looking at the map, I’ve hovered over all 28 Lilith statues in Fractured Peaks, and all say (Claimed). I’ve checked about 6-7 times each one, I even know the numbered statues when comparing to guides. My region progress still says 27/28. Bug?

Not sure if the “(Claimed)” on the map is a bug or if the 27/28 is a bug on region progress. Really don’t want to visit each one again to check.


The same issue happened to me - I’ve activated every altar but can’t get the achievement because Fractured Peaks is stuck at 27/28 (I counted all 28 on the map so many times just to be sure).


I have the same issue, and I have gone again to each altar, they are all activated in Fractured Peaks.

it would be helpful if you guys would post a screenshot of your in-game maps. and even one of your renown information.

providing screenshots is a lot better than just saying “this thing is bugged”.

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count the claimed: 28

imgur GhZ8Jbn

You missed one.

Here is your image:

Here is your missing Altar:

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Thanks… apparently I can’t count to 28

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I have the same issue - I’ve activated all 28 but it only says 27/28 (I don’t know how to post a screenshot)