12 Key points + Druid balancing feedback

  1. Zoom out in town.

  2. UI QoL changes. Many menus can be improved, functionality missing from some menus.


• Reroll stats should be visible while choosing the new stat.
• Hovering over “Clarity” skill for druids when it gets tempered/enchanted on to an item should indicate what it does instead of having to google it to not lose the chance to temper/enchant it on the item by closing the menu.
• Paragon board should have more rotation buttons to rotate in different directions.

  1. Better visibility on greater affix items when dropping and in stash (call them Empowered items instead?)

  2. Quest items tab… Is… Almost always empty… Please add Gems to this tab.


• E.g. All gems go to this tab so you can easily socket gear and stash unused gems.

  1. For the love of hell a button to throw out an item from inventory. Ctrl + Right click or something… Having to manually drag items out to drop them is a …drag and outdated function for an ARPG 2024.

  2. Crafting Caches, Obducites, Ingoliths etc. Please just give them to us. Having to click to drop 5 at a time on the ground to then pick it up – Why?

  3. Make stash open in the last selected stash tab IF it is reopened in the last 3 minutes or during your session in town – Until you leave town. Then it can go back to opening on Stash tab 1.

  4. Refresh CD’s when fighting Pit and Dungeons bosses when you enter bossroom and when you respawn.

  5. Aspect of Disobediance bug – I have an almost highest roll Disobediance aspect rolled on my pants that says “Imprinted”. When I go to add Disobediance aspect to my new pants its at the lowest lvl 1/16. This shouldn’t happen if I have already been able to imprint a higher lvl Disobediance at some point.

  6. When searching for Aspects in the Codex it doesn’t say which type of Aspects they are. Looking at Virulent Aspect for druid. Barely any info about it.

  7. Paragon board is cluttered by rare Glyphs that are hard to navigate through. Add to that blue glyphs that are useless after day 1 of new season. Please add functionality for better visibility, favorite glyph function etc to reduce clutter.

  8. Remove Tempering animations. Just give us the new stat like Enchanting an item works.

  9. Druid skills, balancing and bugs.

• Hunters Zenith ring bugged. Killing with Werewolf skills is not resetting my Werebear skills – Killing with Rabies.

• Error with Aspect of the Ursine Horrow – Pulverize not showing as an Earth skill.
• Quickshift rework. Quick shift lasts only for 3 seconds no matter if at max stacks. This makes it impossible to keep it up between packs in any content.

Suggestion – Make quick shift lose ONE stack every 3 seconds instead of all of them. Or experiment with other ways of keeping the uptime higher than 3 seconds.

• Druid key passives are very underwhelming. 90% of ALL druid builds use Ursine Strength.
Suggestion – Make Ursine Strength only work in Werebear form or limit it somehow… or buff all the other extremely underused key passives.
• Rabies/Poison builds still feel very weak. There is no Paragon board or Aspects supporting Rabies.

Suggestion: Lower CD on rabies, increase dmg or spread or both.

There is no supportive Paragon board and barely glyphs for companion Druid. Please add this asap.

My testing is from the PTR and without many uniques/uber uniques so builds have potential to grow.


Read your post because of the druid feedback.

Just one remark: shepherd’s aspect now also buffs wrath skills like rabies. I just briefly tested it, but looks like a great improvement.

I looked on this post on purpose to see if any of the Druid mains talk about the bugged paragon node that makes Hurricane/Boulder druid do trizilions of dmg. Seams they somehow ‘forget’ to mention it…

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