‍Scoundrel's Kiss rogue unique ring not dropping? maybe a bug?

i killed so far 36 lord zir and havent botten 1 single ring. Also, in one of those kills I didnt get a unique drop, wondering if that is also a bug cuz from all the 36 runs only 1 time i didnt get a unique drop


I have two kiss’s. First one was rando drop I think…NM dungeon maybe, or helltide chest?

I got one from legion. Have yet to run Zir.

The ring mainly drops from Gregoire.

Well that’s what I found

As an additional drop?

His loot table has the Saboteurs Signet listed on maxroll

Over 30 runs on Zir and no Kiss as well !

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intentional bug by blizzard. wasted my time on zir. over 40 runs no ring

Got three rings yesterday.

41 runs and no ring.

I’m using a level 55 ancestral one from an Iron Wolf loot cache and found 3 others in helltide (chests/maiden ritual).

Getting a double boss material drop seems nerfed on Zir compared to Grigoire and Varshan. Only one double drop in those 41 runs meanwhile getting a double boss material drop from Grigoire or Varshan on average every 8 runs several times back to back.