‍Scoundrel's Kiss not dropping (killed x36 lord zir so far)? unique lord zir ring (for rogues)

Hey guys! So Ive killed so far 36 lord zir and havent gotten 1 single ring. Also, in one of those kills I didnt get a unique drop, wondering if that is also a bug cuz from all the 36 runs only 1 time i didnt get a unique drop

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Same here, ive done 45 runs of this boss and no ring. Ive also done an additional 5 runs with 3 other rogues and no one has come up with it. I have about 30 bow drops though SMH.

Good luck mate.

Yeah, I burned through about 500 bloods last night trying to get the ring while I was on my rogue and it didn’t drop once. I got every other unique that can drop with rogue along with a much of dupes of those. So I am leaning towards it’s drop is bugged with Zir or it just has a drop chance of how the uber uniques use to be from him.

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I can at least tell you it does drop. It isn’t bugged. I got one from him.

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Add my concern the added class uniques for S4 drop rate is not normalized with the other class uniques dropped by Zir.

41 back to back Zir runs and not a single Scoundrel’s kiss. I found three rings during the helltide grind from level 61->79. I also obtained two of them from Iron Wolves cache and have an ancestral one at level 55.

I did manage to drop two Asheara daggers consecutively on run #35 and #36.

In addition I did 28 back to back Zir runs on my Druid and not a single Wildheart Hunger.

Meanwhile, five Fractured Winterglass drops in 27 runs with a sorc partner.

While trying to get the Scoundrel’s kiss ring I had at least 6x of the other Rogue uniques with exception of Eyes in the Dark which dropped four times.

This is a lot of blood for a solo player to collect casually thrown down the toliet.

Even though it’s “just RNG bruh” I don’t think these drop rates properly reflect the effort of needing this much summoning material for little payout.

Edit: In those 41 back to back runs only one was a double shackle drop. I’ve seen Grigoire and Varshan drop double summoning materials with much higher frequency.


If you want a weak spare, lmk, Ill give to you.