There was an error. (Code 316719)

Game kicked my Level6, now trying to start game -There was an error. (Code 316719), happens when I create a new level 1 too.


I am having this too. What is this error for? I have tried making several characters. I don’t want to back out since there is apparently a LONG queue.


I am getting the same code as well.

same error, also can’t start with a new character.

Same and I don’t wanna restart just to sit in queue.

Howdy! Hang in there; we got some server stability issues going down. Our team is on it.


same for me. i tried making a new character and gave me a different error code, exited to character menu and now i have 5 sorcerers, but none of them will load the game

I was mid game and got kicked, sorcerer was deleted. Trying to make a new character and whenever I go to finalize I get this error. Google had no answers.

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Same. I had to delete characters I had actually, but each character on play gives me this error. I was never able to make it into the game in the first place.

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Im waiting since 16pm for play, but streamers are playing and we are off…good work

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Do not reopen the game I sat at the “Authentication Pending” raid boss for 40 minutes. It finally past it then “No region available to ping.” game closed. Started it back up 35m queue then “Connection lost” Now I have a 70 minute queue. For the love of god WAIT.

Is this error something we will need to relog to fix, or can I wait in the character select screen?

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Yeah… don’t do the error I did.

I was able to play maybe 15 min before network disconnect.
Got error 316719 when trying to play afterwards.

Thought there was an update or something, restarted the game… 97 min queue.
And I only have 4h to play this afternoon, then I work all week-end. FML


Streamers aren’t having any issues. Yet the general public is being flooded with error codes. Weird how that works out.


I really hope we don’t have to back out.

I’m getting the same issue. I restarted client and now I’m stuck in a 98 minute que.

I’m such an idiot for preordering this game for the open beta. I knew problems like this was going to happen.

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Error 37 got an upgrade!


is it recommended to close and re log?

Do not unless you want a 2 hour queue


i mean, i’m by no means a big time streamer, but i’m having issues while i’m currently trying to stream game play. yet my boyfriend who is sitting next to me on his pc is playing the game.