Zoltan Skulle missing from town

I’ve finished the campaign and have started a game in adventure mode but I can’t find Zoltan in any of the city hubs and therefore I can’t start the quest for Kanai’s Cube. I’m playing the ultimate evil edition on a PS3. Any thoughts on this?

It is not necessary to talk to Zoltan.

Just go to the location of the cube.

Weren’t the earlier consoles limited to a pretty old patch version of Diablo III? Something like patch 1.0.8, so do they even have access to Kanai’s Cube?

That is correct… the latest patch available on PS3 is Patch 2.0.6; Kanai’s Cube was introduced in Patch 2.3.0 – so yeah… Kanai’s Cube and Zoltan Kulle (in town) are not available on the PS3.

Best of luck in your games !

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Ah… OK that explains it. Thanks for the replies. :blush:

So basically we are not going to get the cube on ps3 ?