Zodiac Rend Barb setup for non-seasonal Barb

Hi guys, am a returning barb here and just asking for ideas what will be the most optimal gears/skills/cube setup here for GR pushing, are Focus/Restraint rings still relevant? Thanks again!

Login and check leaderboards for specifics…

Or check out Free’s guide for it. It’s the top sticky thread on the Barb forum.

In short… You want a WW/Rend Barb incorporating the Wrath of the Wastes set with Ambo’s Pride (1h Mighty Weapon) and Lamentation (Belt) as your key items. I would rate the build as top 3 across all classes.

It’s also rediculously good at farming with minimal adjustments for speed too.

F/R are definitely still relevant… but… Only this season due to the open Kanai cube theme, meaning you are not restricted to using one of each weapon/armour/jewellery power. You can equip 3 rings, or 3 weapons if you so wish.

Unfortunately, you won’t have this option in non-season.

I would also recommend to collect the new Frenzy set (Horde of the 90 Savages). It is insanely fun, and seems to be the 2nd strongest Barb set currently.


Remember the title of the thread is…
Zodiac Rend Barb Setup For Non-Seasonal Barb

The build requires ORotZ + BoM or ORotZ + CoE at high paragon. If you equip Focus+Restraint without the benefit of S20’s theme this means you cannot incorporate the other two ring powers into the build so you’d be missing out on something essential.

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Indeed. These rings were specifically asked about so I spoke about them, however I could have worded it better, which I’ve amended.



FnR is not relevant in non-season. It’s mandatory in the current season.

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Thanks a lot guys for the answers, this helps!