Zdps build question

Wondering why ppl don’t use the 4 piece ww zdps build. I see everyone using the raekors…is it due to lag? I thought that bc its not using the 6 piece or rend it doesnt lag?
Or is it primarily for the mobility?

Primary Purpose is indeed increased mobility.
The second one is to proc Strongarm Bracers for increased damage, although
that isn’t always popular with some meta builds.

So there is no lag issues with the 4 piece WW? Raeks is just the better option due to the increased mobility?


Check the D3planner link in the ZDPS guide. I do have a WW build in there that works great for Rbarb/Sader speed comps.

thanks I took a look but i didnt see anything about lag issues…i guess my main question is ; can you use the WW zdps version for pushing or will there my lag issues? or does the lag come from the dust devil and rend calculations?
if i need to play the raekors i will but i was curious if i could play the 4 WW version as i enjoy that playstyle more.

Well you aren’t Rending anything with WW so that doesn’t come into factor but you don’t have BOM with the WW build and thats 80% DR which is huge when you push so the Raekor Furious Charge build helps keep that buff up and the Raekor set helps keep your charges up.

thanks man. made some changes and am getting used to the Raekor zdps build now. my group is currently trying to get 140 down. we’ve never played the meta so it’s a learning process. with more practice we should be able to get to 150 on seasons. (hopefully :smile:)
i must say the lag whenever we are grouping large packs with ground affixes (especially poison) is unbearable…anyone noticing this?

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You get more toughness with R4 and a shield compared to WW4, But now you can use SG, Mantle, Aquila, CC2 and get even more toughness with WW (the skill, not the set).

ya. i’ve switch to Raekors s/b version and its works better. no lag - getting used to the playstyle as well.
Plus side we go the 140 down.