Zbarb toughness question

yea I feel like my all resist is low but when I look at other barbs they don’t even have int augments so idk…

you even have band of might instead of oculus ring, what do you complain about?

Zbarbs need esoteric up to about 1500 gons to survive with no issues at 120s. By this I mean watch YouTube and not be careful about stepping into stuff.

Also divide you stats equally between strength and vit.

Eventually you can drop the esoteric and add just a few int augments and survival should be easy no matter how high you go.


I hardly think asking a simple question about survivability is complaining…If I said “oh zbarbs suck at surviving…this game sucks”…then yea I would understand your reply

please be constructive and helpful instead of looking for drama


zbarb is one of the most tankiest builds in the game, if you die playing it that means you are not a very good one. zero drama simple truth. but hey, let’s start the jets: it’s time to be offended!

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We do have a guide in the Barb forums…


This is why I’m asking the forums for help…If I’m dying I know I’m doing something wrong. I don’t have an ego to be able to admit that.

And trust me I’m not offended…this is the internet/online gaming I don’t’ get offended. And since I will likely get a reply back from you I will end it on my end on a high note and say
Best wishes and enjoy the rest of the season friend

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Don’t worry, some ppl have issues with themselves and are desperate to step on anyone they can whenever they can.

That raekor zbarb is a build that benefit a lot from some paragon and okay gear. If you die a lot, play the ww zbarb first until you get better paragon+stuff, it doesn’t require much to be able to tank everything.

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maybe try the barbarian forum the next time

Don’t worry. Most of us recognise that you’re attempting to improve your hero and your ability to play it and will attempt to help you in said endeavour. It’s just one person that seems to be giving you a hard time and their Career Page shows they’ve only got 4% play-time on a Barb so I wouldn’t worry about it. However, inadvertently they’ve given one piece of salient advice, i.e. the Barbarian forum would be a lot more welcoming / forgiving.

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The sad thing is that it’s these kind of cocky players that the D2R devs are piss aftaid of, and will do anything to cater to, and streamers as well. They look and sound like a bunch of scared rabbits who won’t say anything against the so called elite players who act rude and attack ppl right and left whenever they can.

The biggest issue I see inexperienced players failing to do is proc your band of might before it expires. If you are trying to play the right way and saving your stomp for just before the DPS’ rotation, then it is easy to forget to reactivate it. Charge a lone creature on the perimeter of the pack if needed - you don’t want to cc the entire mob and mess up your stomp. It is a matter of balancing your patience with your survivability needs. Just having all the right gear is not enough - learning the playstyle is essential. You can die with 3k paragon if you don’t play the right way. But SimpleDave’s suggestion to use esoteric at lower paragons (in lieu of wreath of lightning) is a good idea too.

so I am definitely maintaining all my toughness buffs…as I said I have over something like 10billion toughness with everything going and over 22b when relentless procs…a few of you have mentioned I need more resist which I believe is the case here and I’m going to augment a few pieces with int gems I’m hoping that will resolve my issue…

again I’m not dying often but I am taking enough damage to proc relentless from time to time which is a no no…

but thx for everyones help I really appreciate it

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I wouldn’t agree with this.
Zbarb are tanky but zmonk and zdh are way more tanky, and actually necro bone spear and wizard firebird bk are both tankier than zbarbs. Sure, you can choose to go for big toughness on barb but the ideal build (without bom, without eso, without a shield…) is quite squishy, mostly due to the lack of recovery.

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Your Support Barb sucks. Use 50% Damage Reduction from Call of the Ancients, 50% Damage Reduction from Berserker and 50% Damage Reduction if your Fury is over 90%. Throw useless Shields aways and use the Whirlwind Weapon Set with 2x Life on Hit and use the Resistance Gem.

you never played ww zbarb did you? I agree the raekor build is less tanky, and I’m kind of happy as well that the new double sader meta is not using raekor anymore

wow, that’s almost the worst advice I’ve ever heard

God I’m glad to be high paragon enough not to need to play ww on my zbarb. That sounds awful. If my barb did that in my group I’d seriously consider kicking him out.

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Yeah show up with ancients on a zbarb in groups and that would be an automatic kick.


What’s the Problem? You can draw Enemies together with Whirlwind and Heal all Partymembers with Crit Heal. Beside that you can also have Doubled Shout Effects and make all Enemies take more Damage/Turncoat/Jumping. Seems you have never played with a good Support Barbar.
You need 4 Set Immortal King and 2 Set of Wilds