Your early paragon numbers playing Seasons?

Curious from those playing Season regularly, what sort of +paragon per speed GR makes you feel good about your progression, say in the first 500P or 1000P.

I’m not in any particular rush, just checking it out a bit, but have noticed the +paragon can come in spurts and curious where the bar is for those playing to push progression on the leaderboards.

When some significant improvement happens to your build you can jack the level up, it seems the number improves significantly for a while, but quickly reduces as you do speeds until the next major build improvement.

Pressing buttons to spend paragon is a bit tedious every run… would be nice to auto allocate some way.

The fastest way to Farm them is to play in teams and try to finish high GR as fast as possible for hours on end.

For casual, it happens when it happens. Jus know that you do not get more gear or better gear after GR 90 so anything after that is just fo leaderboard stuff or to level up gems a bit more.

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Paragon progression is curved though…at P800 clearing GR120 in 2-3 mins you will get mass amounts of Paragon per GR120 but as you get to P1500 then you will get less.

It is more about just doing the highest GR you can do regularly in 2-3 mins and not so much about paragon per GR or paragon per hour.

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As homer stated, paragon slows down the higher you are. The amount of xp needed to gain the next paragon is exponential growth. A rough perspective is you need to earn 4x the xp to double your current paragon. If you have 500 paragon, you have to do 4x what you did to get there in order to get to 1000.

The amount of xp you get from the gr obviously increases with higher gr clears, but to double the xp you have to run 15 rifts higher which is roughly 8x the mob health. Eventually gear improvements don’t help enough that you just find a sweet spot for grinding grs (2-3 mins). Always test 5 rifts higher though. If you can still do those in 2-3 minutes, test higher.

A good pace to aim for is 800-1000 paragon in first weekend, 1300-1600 by end of second week, 2000 by end of third week. After that it slows down real quick. 3000-4000 by end of season is obtainable that way. At 3000 paragon and 30k mainstat, a person with 4000 paragon will only have 5k more mainstat or 16.67% more damage ( only worth roughly 1 rift higher damage). Playing to rift mechanics and build mechanics plus good map/mob rng can easily overcome that.


Even with not making a concerted effort to play the season or having any particular plan, it feels pretty good when changing builds and jumping 20 or 30 GR levels and the paragon starts flowing in a lot faster.

It’s an interesting experience seeing what it’s like to play season… some new perspectives for me. I’m normally pretty content to be trying different builds out in NS and with that there is the luxury of fast PLing and accessing a pretty decent gear stash and resources by now.

PoJ/TR has worked it’s way back in to the couch coop duo. With Vengeful Wind legendary on the first 70 Ethereal to drop, it made for a nice leap leap forward. Trying out some of the fire runes having had a quad fire amulet drop early. I was driving on Crusader for a while, but it’s struggling to get out of the semi-active passenger seat at the moment.

Have an AoV build starting and starting to put Innas back together… it may not ever edge out PoJ/TR driving for speeds, but maybe it has a chance for the next push. Once I land the last ethereal on the Crusader I’ll look at switching one of them out and PL the next class and run that duo till it’s Ethereals drop or it’s ready to PL the next class.

Getting to P800 takes me about 16 hours (I don’t claim to be efficient or even good), less if I can get good gear and jump to GR90 - usually, this means finding a good ancient weapon but sometimes something else. If I can’t get to 90, I’ll stay at 75 and its a little slower. I also don’t just run GRs back-to-back… I usually have some other personal mission to accomplish.

I really only shoot for 800 as I like feeling “maxed out.” Anything after that is nice but then also stale as its just nonstop repeat. I usually stop outright at P1200, if I even get there.

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I’ve played this season for about a week…I’m P1200…its pretty easy to hit P3000 or P4000 by playing a few hours every day with meta builds.

Yup, people are running real time 150 in 5-6 mins with no lag.

It’s a bit like this for me too. Not particularly into grinding or in a hurry to get anywhere fast in games lately… just sussing out a bit more of the game when there’s a bit of spare time here and there.

I think it’s good the games got at least a bit of depth to it and that it continues to be updated for there to be enough to keep it interesting.