Your best and worse D2 moments

Epic fail trying to mule HRs solo ?
Insane giveaways ?
F***ing scam ?
High-level HC death ?
Incredible drop ?

Tell us some of your best and worse moments in D2 !

One of the best moment I remember is when I just started to play online.
I was a bit disappointed to see so much “O … N …” trade games, but I decided to try.
A player saw that I was a poor newbie so he gave me a Wizzy for free and I thanked him so much ^^
Later, I realized that it wasn’t so precious, but at this moment I was so happy to get this item which seemed to be so powerful in my novice eyes ! :sweat_smile:

One of the worse moment was the first time I’ve been scammed, trying to acquire a Tal Armor and getting a Rattlecage :scream:
I learned that the D2 World wasn’t filled with kind people and colored unicorns… :grin:
I’m ashamed to tell that I also scammed someone later with that Rattlecage in view to balance :smirk: :shushing_face: :innocent:


Best time: getting jah ith ber in between 2 p8 cow runs, as well as a perfect mage plate base (15ed)
Worst time: getting 4th path summoner for like 8ish games in a row tied with losing a few mid~ value torches in a mule game due to temp ban from logging in and out too quickly.


Best moments:

  • Finding tyraels might
  • making enigma on private realm without bots and dupes
  • killing lvl 70 amazon with my lvl 24 pk pala
  • killing several higher players with my pvp druid
  • just fun playing with friends from battle net i had clan with
  • Banning cheaters on my private realm
  • Seeing someone in public game with jah ith ber in griswold armor, we could not stop laughing.

Worst moments

  • being scammed with fake shako
  • dying on lvl 93 hc when i though no monsters are around and i watched tv
  • killed by an evil force after killing mephisto
  • watching my friend die by being afk at last baal wave on hc
  • dying with my pk Pala when i challenge sorc lvl 45 on Baalrun.

I have done some hardcore dueling in ancient past. I have never experienced anything like that in another game. The adrenalin and my heart beating so hard. I would honestly compare it to being mugged at gun point lol. But it wasnt just fear, it was fear together with excitement.


Best: Dropping Zod and 2 Bers within a two week timeframe. (1.14D)

Worst: Being ripped off by a ‘friend’ that I played with for about a year. We helped each other mule, farmed together etc. I had some nice loot to mule including a Vex (pre 1.13b) and some other nice uniques, asked him if he would help me mule. Went to switch mules and came back, the Vex, the nicer uniques and he was gone. Never talked to him again. IMO it was worth it, I’d rather lose a few digital items than a large sum of money to find out if someone is crooked. Afterwards I learned to solo mule and accepted the risk of losing items, which I’ve lost a few.



So stupid to lose a friend (even if not IRL) for a couple of runes…

During my best D2 epoch, I had a friend (from Sweden as far as I remember) with whom many HRs could be muled. It was very useful for both of us and it has more worth than the HRs themselves.

However, 1 day he said “ty bb” then left and toke his time before to come back… Not sure if it was a joke or a real scam hesitation, but I had a few minutes with my heart hard beating !


Best moment I can remember was finding immortal king’s soul cage and completing the set.

Worst I think was finding a Buriza and getting all excited to play my zon again, only to see it was ethereal :cold_sweat:


Bows and Xbows can’t be ethereal. :slight_smile:


Oh. Well I found a unique zon item and it was ethereal then, this was 15 years ago ok

No problem. :slight_smile:

Damn dude, thats sad.

The world keeps spinning though. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was always a loner, I used to wait the 5 minutes to perm a room and mule it myself.

Now you don’t even need to wait the 5 minutes. Do people still have others join to mule?

Best moment: Finally beating Hell difficulty solo with a Trapassin.

Worst moment: Having my HC lvl 90 necro die due to lag :frowning: This one still hurts lol.


My worst D2 moments were and remain the Troll Griefers it’s bad enuff in SC in HC it really :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Which is why I ask for either Arena PVP or two party consent PVP only, And it isn’t only the Griefers it’s that one guy who gets upset about something and goes hostile and won’t go away making it where a new game has to be made, And occasionally some of these Trolls will track you from game to game

my best time for lod 1.09 and is pvp

my worst day for lod the day 1.09 get patch for 1.10 all pvp player back that day get so mad and confuse about this patch

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i am going to go down a much darker route for this one…

my dog had died in my arms of old age( 14 years old) while i was dog sitting with my parents on vacation in Italy, it absolutely crushed me. and i was extremely depressed.
then while paying path of diablo in some random public game some player dropped me 11 HR’s ( read as like 2 jah and 3 bers, jah being 2.5 HR at the time and ber being 2)

this shocked me out of depression.
i was able to fully gear up 3 endgame characters that season with that.

RIP my beloved Coconut (Bichon Frise)
(pic of him)

Random acts of kindness can mean more than you could possibly know.


1.09 PvP was a joke lol. It was all amazon and sorceress, almost no diversity. Sure you had the occasional rogue build but they were the exception.

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Best: Back when I used to play the most, the 1.09 days, was asked by someone in Act 2 Nightmare for a rush to Baal. I was on a Zealer, which on that account, was my best character at the time (I was playing a new account). Told him I didn’t mind, but I’m slow, as I never memorized pathing routes. During the rush, got an SOJ from a mob in Durance 2. It was the second I ever had out of the 4 during my entire D2 career up till now (first was given by a high school classmate during 1.08 days).

Worst: Quit playing after first ladder in 1.10, and came back for the patch that nerfed Iron Maiden. Decided to duo ubers with my father. Both of us in our 90s, myself with Azurewrath, Hoz, Vamp, etc filled with damage and life charms, him full trang oul summoner with inventory of skillers. Spent a week collecting the stuff, and finally went in to do ubers…wiped out in less than 60 seconds (now, first time, no meta knowledge of how fight worked). Flagged down in chat someone to help us get first torch, a 90+ hammerdin came to help, we still got whacked. He asked a Barb friend to come help. After a couple of tries, we beat it through combination of salvation, curses, hammers, and frenzy. Barb without a word, left game…with torch. All of us were speechless. Turned me off from the game and didn’t pick back up until 2018…which ended up building a smiter low budget to get my first torch…a druid torch, meh.


Best: One night I joined a random game and some guy literally dropped his entire stash in front of me without saying a word. Grabbed most of it except for one item that some guy took because my inventory was full. I got all kinds of rare items from it and I was a kid so I was freaking out big time lol

Worst: Other than mules I can’t really recall ever having a bad time playing D2.


I’ve also done something like that the day I decided to stop, years ago.
I guess it made a “best moment” for someone too ^^

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