Yes it is a complete sentence


and this one is also a complete sentence


And what the fart do you want us to do about it?

This is the Diablo forum. If you got a problem with Warcraft, go to theirs.


You HAVE a Bnet account already. You are using it to post right this second.

To play Classic you need game time. We covered that yesterday.

Then, click the WoW tab on your launcher. In the drop down menu over the Install/Play button select WoW Classic. Click Install.

You don’ t need some sort of new account.

EDIT - I just tested access. Switched to WoW Classic, selected my Realm, hit enter. Took me straight to my Realm and the character select screen.

There are no CURRENT access issues.


This is a D3 forum, not a WoW Classic forum. :cry:


i know i have a bnet account but i what im trying to ask is how to create a wow account so i can get onto the character creation screen. Or do I automatically have an account and just log into my bnet username & pw?

In which case, if its my bnet username & pw, i just would’ve guessed I had to pay for a subscription first? In which case, that’s what I’m struggling to do

-EDIT - logged in but says I need active game time, so need to pay for a subscription, which that is what I can’t do


Yes, everyone who has a Bnet account has access to WoW for up to 20 levels totally free. Just select it from the WoW game tab in the launcher and install.

What is stopping you from buying game time from the Blizzard store?


well, i’ll try after launch and hopefully it’ll be okay then, atm it’s saying i need game time and can’t have a trial 20 levels.

what’s stopping me is the subscription page isn’t working, it was kind of half working barely for the last few hours, now it’s completely down for maintenance, so maybe I can’t play at launch unless it’ll let me go past that invalid game time screen at launch, i can get to the server select screen but then before the character creation screen, that’s where i get the invalid game time error


Hmm… This is possible. Although you don’t need to use the sub page unless you want it to keep automatically billing you each month. You can just buy a block of game time.

It should let you use one of a few different payment methods.


ah, the US page works, the EU one doesn’t. I’m from the EU but use these forums due to activity :frowning: if you change the us to eu in the link, then you’ll see the page im getting


OH! You need to buy game time in the EU region then! I did not know that. Game time is Region Specific!

EDIT for EU link to game time.


yes i’m aware hence the afterthought when you gave the link ^^ no worries, ill just try logging in after launch, hopefully i can get the free 20 levels then or manage to buy game time somehow. thanks for your time :slight_smile:


Ugh… I see now. I keep getting the US shop no matter what I do. It goes this odd geo-location thing. I can’t even test the EU shop I don’t think?

Hopefully you can get it working soonish :frowning:

Edit - Nope. I can’t even test. I forced my page to the EU bnet website then went to the shop. It put me right back in the US.


yes, your edited link still takes me to the us shop haha. no problem :smile: thanks again


I tried…
…but it came up with this…

We’ll be back soon!
The Blizzard family of websites is currently undergoing maintenance to improve your browsing experience. Thank you for your patience!
For updates, follow @BlizzardCSEU_EN on Twitter.

The Twitter feed says this…

We’re aware that some players are having difficulty making purchases in our online or in-game shops

Then, a couple of minutes ago…

The technical issues we mentioned earlier are still being investigated. Further updates in an hour.


Thanks for posting that. I follow the EU CS account but for some reason Twitter did not feel like showing it to me in my regular feed!

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Plenty of assistance has been provided in this thread, so I’m going to go ahead and close it. If you have further account or subscription questions related to World of Warcraft, please post in their Customer Support forum (no active subscription is needed to do so).

Additional topics on this subject will be closed. Thanks!